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In May of 2011, fans and food enthusiasts Chelsea and Sariann were inspired to create just a few recipes from A Song of Ice and Fire, one of our favorite series. As you can see, things clearly got out of hand. Sariann and I delved deep into the world of Westeros and ventured far over the Narrow Sea to recreate the mouthwatering cuisines of those realms. Where appropriate  many recipes are two-fold: a modern recipe, and a traditional recipe more in keeping with the quasi-medieval setting of the series.

In 2012 our hard work was rewarded with the delightful publication of the Official Game of Thrones Cookbook. Since then, I have continued to explore Westerosi dishes and medieval recipes, updating and improving the blog as I go. For me, it has become a way of life, the kitchen table laden with pork pie, hot spiced wine, lemoncakes, and so many more enticing edibles.

The journey continues, so loosen your belts, sharpen your knives, and set out for the kitchens of Westeros. Check out Game of Brews for the companion beverages to these foods, and follow the Inn on Twitter and Facebook for all the very latest in what I’m cooking, brewing, or planning, and be sure to visit often!


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Chelsea M-C

Chelsea grew up in rural New York, surrounded by cows and an appreciation for small farms. However, her real love affair with food began during a year abroad in Turkey, which sparked a passion for both food and history. A lifelong artist and fantasy fan, she greatly enjoys foreign languages, treasure hunting, and all things honey. She loves historical fiction, summer, and kitchen unitaskers. She is currently fixing up her new old house in Vermont, and lives alongside a retired foxhound and one very happy Manx cat.

Favorite terrible movie: Cutthroat Island

Biggest geek cred: Met Stan Lee at Comicon (Double-whammy! Whammed!)

Favorite GoT character: Jaime Lannister

Fave Game: alone? All Assassin’s Creeds & X-Com. As a team? Diablo 3, Splinter Cell or the old Xbox Heroes. Also: Cyvasse. :)

Favorite dish so far: Spiced Plum Mousse, Medieval Arya’s Tarts.

Personal Blogs: Food Through the Pages
Game of Brews
The Shire Cookbook


A cook but not a chef, Sariann has garnered most of her culinary knowledge from the family kitchen sages- her mother and grandmothers. In true New England fashion, the first successful dish she cooked, at age 10, was Mom’s apple pie. She is, above all, a ginger. She loves Manchester United beyond all reason, horses, lacrosse, and community. She is a raging Anglophile, but swears she has it under control… She enjoys exploring traditional staple dishes, and rekindling love for foods that have been forgotten.

Favorite terrible movie: Top Gun

Biggest geek cred: Wrote a letter to author Tamora Pierce and received a reply.

Favorite GoT character: The Knight of Flowers

Favorite game: FIFA 11. She’s not obsessed, just passionate.

Favorite dish so far: Banbury cakes

Personal Blog:ChoppedGinger.com


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