Drogon Giveaway!

Double Drogon Giveaway!

Now that the fifth season of Game of Thrones is in full swing, it’s time for a couple of giveaways! This week, I’m giving away TWO of the Funko POP! Drogon Figures. And following in the spirit of HBO’s #CatchDrogon movement, all you have to

Pomegranate Syrup

Pomegranate Syrup

Thoughts: I hadn’t realized until someone asked me recently online if I had a good pomegranate recipe that I was, in fact, completely lacking any such thing. I use pomegranate seeds a lot as a garnish in photos, and love to snack on them, but

stuffed Aubergines

Stuffed Aubergines, c. 1570

Thoughts: A number of quirky Lenten dietary choices were made this year by members of this household, and that meant I had to go searching for new recipes to accommodate those restrictions. Thankfully, medieval cookbooks were all about recipes for Lent, and that’s where I


Pynade – pine nut brittle

Thoughts: So here’s a wacky one. At first blush, the historical recipe (included below) seems like it will produce a nice and simple candy. Then you skim over the word “chyconys”… Go on, say it. “Chicons…chick… chickens?” They really want me to put chicken in

pastry jagger

Kitchen Curiosities: Pastry Jagger

I have a confession: I am heartily addicted to attending auctions. And not necessarily to buy anything. Honest. In a large part, I just love the frenetic atmosphere, the social buzz of congratulations and irritation, and the calculated bidding of long-time pros. I’ve learned the



To celebrate the release of the Dornish eCookbook, From the Sands of Dorne: A Feast of Ice & Fire Companion Cookbook, here’s a quick and easy recipe that didn’t quite fit in the new book: Helva. It’s essentially sort of like a Middle Eastern shortbread,

Chocolate seals effects

Chocolate Wax Seals

I have some eclectic hobbies. Granted, there are a number of perfectly good reasons I might have a rather sizable collection of sealing wax and seals. I do run a quasi-medieval blog, after all. But if I’m honest, it’s partly just that I’m addicted to

Hildegard's happy cookies

Hildegard’s Happy Cookies

“Nutmeg has great heat and good moderation in its powers. If a person eats nutmeg, it will open up his heart, make his judgment free from obstruction, and give him a good disposition. Take some nutmeg and an equal weight of cinnamon and a bit


Quince Paste

So, I saw these quinces in the store about a month back, and was very excited. Quinces were very popular in historical cooking, and I thought to myself, “Great! I can make all sorts of things!” Starting with quince paste, because it goes well with


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