Ever wonder what it’s like to attend a feast at Winterfell? Wish you could split a lemon cake with Sansa Stark, scarf down a pork pie with the Night’s Watch, or indulge in honeyfingers with Daenerys Targaryen?

Wonder no longer.

In May of 2012, A Feast of Ice and Fire was released online and in bookstores around the world, bringing all the best recipes of Westeros right to your home kitchen.

The Official Game of Thrones Cookbook features a foreword from GRRM himself, along with a range of recipes from across the Seven Kingdoms and over the Narrow Sea. From the sumptuous delicacies enjoyed in the halls of power at King’s Landing, to the warm and smoky comfort foods of the frozen North, to the rich, exotic fare of the mysterious lands east of Westeros, there’s a flavor for every palate, and a treat for every chef.

There’s even a guide to dining and entertaining in the style of the Seven Kingdoms. Exhaustively researched and reverently detailed, accompanied by passages from all five books in the series and full-color photographs guaranteed to whet your appetite, this is the companion to the blockbuster phenomenon that millions of stomachs have been growling for.

So, come along on a culinary tour of Westeros. Sample the rich meats and ales of The Wall, and explore the more exotic fare of Pentos. Share sweetwine and chickpea puree with Doran Martell, and of course, indulge in Lemoncakes and stolen fruit tarts with Sansa and Arya.

And remember, winter is coming—so don’t be afraid to put on a few pounds. :)

Also be sure to check out this post on the construction of the beautiful cover photo, shot by the talented Kristin Teig!

UPDATE: We are delighted to announce that there will soon be translations in French, Czech, and Chinese! I’ll update with those publication dates as soon as they’re available.

English Edition

Spanish Edition

German Edition

German Edition

Polish edition

Polish edition

Russian Edition

Russian Edition

136 Responses to The Official Game of Thrones Cookbook

  1. deb says:

    I love this, and can’t wait to have it in my hot little hands.
    Thank you so much for putting your brilliance out there, and not just keeping it to yourselves.
    Much love and support to you all!

  2. Marie says:

    Will there be a kindle edition?

  3. Brian says:

    Like the Iron Throne, this will be mine! Your recipes have fueled my inner cook and I can’t wait to try them all out!

  4. David says:

    Aww, darn. While I’m super glad about the cookbook (which is preordered already) I’m sad it doesn’t come out till May. My friends and I are going to make a GoT spread for season 2, and I was hoping to make the iced milk. Oh, well, just have to stick with Old Bear’s hot spiced wine.

    • Alex says:

      I’m having this exact problem. I’m having a party for Season 2 but now I can’t get to most of the recipes we were planning on getting. I’d gladly buy the book but it’s not out till over a month after the premiere.

      Sorry, but I don’t know if I want to buy the book at all now since this move kind of screwed us :/

      • Andrea says:

        Have a season finale party as well, then you have a reason to buy the book :)

        • Alex says:

          Actually, I think I will. I was amazed that I was contacted by the owners of the site because they were concerned with my reaction. They apologized for the missing recipes and helped me a little with planning my party. They took my overraction with grace and I am going to buy a copy when it is eventually released, if not just to show my support.

  5. Janee says:

    What a fantastic website, I can’t wait to buy this book. Your passion is inspiring!

  6. harbqll says:

    I’m so very looking forward to this book, even though I probably already have most of the recipes on the blog printed out and stuck in my binder. I’ve already got it pre-ordered from Amazon! If only it was going to out in time for Gulf Wars!

  7. Deborah Myers says:

    Cant wait to order recipe book for my son’s Boston University graduation BBQ

  8. chris says:

    oh noes! I wanted to make the Grilled Snake for my GoT dinner party on premiere night :( any chance you’ll be rotating that and a few others before then?

  9. chris says:

    I will, of course, be buying the book when it’s released :)

  10. Chasmosaur says:

    :( I wanted to make the Cheese and Onion pie for the premier.

    Tell your publishers I sympathize – who’s going to buy a cookbook when you can get recipes for free – but couldn’t they have waited until April 2nd? It’s the deep fandom of this website an ASoIaF in general that made the book a viable title for them – of course we were going to want to prepare recipes for the premier! We’ve known about April 1st for months now…

  11. Kate says:

    It seems that a lot of people are bemoaning the lack of their favorite recipes for April 1st–and although this might be far too complicated to implement in time, I was thinking maybe there could be some way to set up access to the “hidden” recipes for people who have already preordered the book. Perhaps you could construct something similar to a paywall, where people can enter their Amazon (or other) order number to view the recipes on the website?

    Just a thought. :)

  12. Vince says:

    This site is great, and I must say I, too wish the book was out already.
    It would have made a great anniversary gift for my girlfriend, who is a huge fan of the series.

    Won’t stop me, though, since I still intend to make her a feast of ice and fire in two weeks using the recipes from the site. I even managed to rent out a friend’s medieval feast hall to serve it in.

    Thank you ladies very much for your recipes, and thus your help in making this possible.

    • Needs Mead says:

      What a lucky lady! We’ll be doing something similar for the premiere. Best of luck with your party, and we’d love to see some photos of your epic event, too. :)

  13. Clara says:

    When in spanish? ;)

    • Needs Mead says:

      I’m not sure! But we will let you know as soon as we know! :)

      • Amok says:

        I have the Spanish edition in my hands. It’s pretty well translated and the metrics are just common for europeans, just without gallons, pounds, ounces and those arcane metrics you use there in America ;). The format, size and appareance are those of the original book. Nice work, anyway.

  14. Kelly says:

    I can’t wait to get this cookbook!

    I wanted to contact you with a question about the cookbook, but the “email” link on your About page is broken. :(


  15. davos says:

    How many recipes are you planning to have in the book

  16. Matl says:

    “Winter is coming, so don’t be afraid to put on a few pounds”

    Hahaha :D

  17. John W says:

    Congratulations! I just pre ordered mine. Does it come with rules for jousting? What are guest rights again….

  18. Chris says:

    Can’t wait to get this! You should open an official GoT restaurant!

  19. Logan says:

    this sounds great! spoiler free?

  20. Andrea says:

    I am SOOO excited! I am going to buy this for my daughter for graduation! We love ASoIaF and watch the GOT together every Sunday. I have yet to make one of your recipes, but I guarantee it will happen when I get the book!

    Thank you!!!

  21. Alessandra says:

    Received your book today! I can’t wait to try your recipes! I am looking forward to organize a real ASoIAF style banquet! Greetings from Italy

  22. Catherine Thomas says:

    Cooked, baked, and broiled several of the recipes from your book tonight, including Medieval Pork pie, trout wrapped in bacon, Roman buttered carrots, etc. Taste-testing panel consisted of a majority of 14-yr-old boys, who descended on the food like a plague of locusts. Medieval Pork Pie declared to be “amazing”; they also enjoyed the trout and carrots. Meal accompanied by salad greens w/ marinated beets, beer bread (recipe I already had) and apple/almond/blueberry cake (from the Redwall cookbook…another Medieval-like world). Can’t wait to try more…Love your book!

    • Angela T Burke says:

      My husband and I were also guests that night and were whisked away to the far flung lands of the Game of Thrones, dining on a meal that had us cheering “HIP HIP HUZZAH” to Catherine. This multi-course medieval dinner, most items taken from the Feast of Ice and Fire cookbook, left us speechless and wanting more. The Thomas’ dining room was set with serving ware worthy of the medieval time (pewter plates, cups, and more). Every dish was a treasure worthy of Catherine’s magical skills in the kitchen. The salad was refreshing and light with a sparkle of marinated beets that set it afire. We had not tasted beets that way and they were a burst of merriment. The buttered carrots melted in your mouth and were greatly devoured by the company of 14 year old youths. The medieval pork pie, cut into small portions so everyone could have a taste, was perfection in a bite with the mixture of tender morsel s and yummy, flaky goodness. I can honestly tell you there was not even a crumb l left as the pie plate was scraped clean on someone’s own plate (cough, I confess). The trout was fashioned like a present with that bacon wrapped around the fish’s skin and when it was opened, it was well worth the wait. The fish was a flavorful, aromatic delight! The addition of her beer bread (that had us spellbound) and her apple/almond/blueberry cake (we would have eaten it all if we could have stolen it away from the house!!) started and ended a meal that was beyond compare and will be toasted over and again!! During the course of the meal, Catherine and her husband also treated us to the history behind the food, so we were replete with nourishment and knowledge. To Catherine, thank you again for the pleasure of testing these recipes and we look forward to more!!

  23. Mike says:

    Bought the book off amazon last week. LOVE IT! Great, great job. Thanks so much for putting this together.

  24. TheBlanton says:

    Um… where are all the Horse recipes?

    • Needs Mead says:

      Can’t get horse meat in the US! Otherwise I’m sure we would have tried a few of the recipes. Basted in honey and fire peppers, anyone?

  25. Deedee Mckee says:

    Are there high-altitude adjustments on any of the recipes? I’ll be ordering it anyway, but couldn’t find any info on this in the amazon description. I cannot wait!

  26. Beeps says:

    Why is there a Polish version but not a German one? :'(

    • Needs Mead says:

      It’s all based on request! If you can convince a German publisher to pick it up, we’ll say yes. :)

  27. Neyasha says:

    Today I tried the Sister’s Stew and it was just amazing. It was a bit tricky to find a German/Austrian equivalent to evaporated milk, but I think finally I got the right one. The stew tasted so delicious, I couldn’t stop eating. ;-)
    Last week I tried some other recipes as well and all were just wonderful (I’m a huge fan of Sansa’s Salad).
    Thanks so much for all the tasty recipes – I just can’t wait to try some more of them. :-))
    Nice greetings from Austria!

  28. John Gregory says:

    I got the book about a week ago and I’ve already tried a few of the recipes. I love it. There’s one thing that I would have liked to have is information on how, if it’s possible at all, to freeze the dough of the bread and deserts recipes. Specially for the Tyroshi Honeyfingers.

    Once again thank you so much for this book!

  29. Just bought the book today and found out about this web site. Wonderful! I have always drooled over those dishes served up in the series and now I can cook them! This site is now book raked on my trusty iPad.

  30. Chey says:

    Ladies, I bought the book as a gift to my boyfriend about two months ago. And let me say…IT IS FABULOUS! It is honestly the best food we’ve cooked/tasted in years, perhaps ever. You guys are doing an amazing job. You are both inspirations! Thanks for the food!!!

  31. I bought a copy for me, at Notions Unlimited, a science fiction bookshop in the bayside suburbs of Melbourne. It was pouring with rain outside and a bunch of people were playing D&D in the comfy chair area as I found it… Of course, I had to have it. Not sure about grains of paradise but have found galangal easily enough. I can’t wait to get cooking. Great research, ladies!

    • Needs Mead says:

      Wonderful to hear! Thanks! I rely on Amazon.com for a lot of things, including quirky spices, and many merchants may do international shipping to your region, too. :)

  32. Ronan says:

    It would be nice if the book was translated into Portuguese!

  33. Sorry to use this but your other blog wouldn’t let me comment, I think it’s a WordPress weirdness. I am amazed at what you manage to do with historical recipes, even for Harry Potter Butterbeer! I will be putting up a plug for this site and the other one on my own blog, because it’s the sort of thing my readers would enjoy. Just ine question, please, from a non-American – what’s pumpkin pie spice? :-) Can we make it up from individual spices?

  34. Orkania says:

    I just made the Elizabethan Lemon Cakes from your book and they are very delicious. In Germany we have a similar recipe, only we leave the lemons for the Icing or ice them with Chocolate instead (or both ;-D ). I really love them! Thank you for this book!

  35. Daniel says:

    I made the Iced Blueberries tonight (older recipe), and it is one of the most pleasantly bizarre treats I’ve ever had. Everything about it was unexpected: first the texture, then the savory sweetness, and then the OH THOSE ARE COLD!!! :) I can’t wait to dive into the other desserts. Thank you for this marvelous book!

  36. I got this cookbook for my birthday. I thought you guys might appreciate the results.

  37. Maris says:

    Hello, I was wondering if the book will ever be translated into Italian? It would be great :)!

  38. Liz says:

    This is SO AWESOME. Thank you for all your hard work. I’m looking forward to cook some of this stuff my self!

  39. Lisa says:

    LOVE this book. I got it for my birthday. I’ve already tried a half dozen of the recipes, and am planning a “Winter Is Coming” feast on the solstice so I can try out a few more! (so far, the Roman Carrots and the Medieval Honey Biscuits are my favorites).

  40. Janine says:

    I love the recipes on your website and I just shopped the book.
    And now I am wondering what greens you put aside the rack of lamb on the mouthwatering picture in your book (page 43). I like those tiny curls it has… Could you just give me a hint?

    • Needs Mead says:

      Of course! I believe it was lamb’s ear lettuce, aka Mâche. I got it at our local upscale market, and loved it because it’s so photogenic! MUCH more interesting than iceberg… :)

  41. Lady Jess says:

    I can’t wait til THIS years premiere party – I did ask Santa for this book but have so far had 2 amazong GoT parties without it. Last year we made honeyed chicken, dornish stuffed peppers, fish stew, black bread, and Sansa’s lemon cakes. This year, I am making Wildling cider, Hen from the Wall, Beef and Barley stew, more black bread (Big hit last year!) and some oldtown mustard to go with it along with some cherries and cream for dessert. I’m going to pair this amazing food with hand made decor including 3 dragon eggs in a heated box, the “Wooden Curtain of Houses” that will include house sigils from every house in the series, hand made sewn tapestries with mock-sigils for our guests and an apothecary set that includes bottles of all the poisons and potions in the book along with a manual that tells you what is what. No real poisons though, just some rock candy, herbs and spices in old looking jars with burns labels. Already planning for March 31st!!

  42. Lady Jess says:

    Also, I think we’re going to need another cook book…. :D

  43. Jasmine LB says:

    A cookbook withought a french translation?! Unthinkable! I would gladly do it, if it’s the translator you’re lacking. Anyhow, congratulations for your success, it’s well deserved! And that’s an understatement.

  44. Lady Jess says:

    I can translate in pig latin…just sayin…

  45. John says:

    Great book! When can we expect a printed german version?

  46. Jen in Ohio says:

    Got this for Christmas (I love my family!), and made the Bison with Leeks and Onions in Gravy for my mother’s birthday dinner. They were major hits. All of us had never really had leeks on their own before, but by the end, we were fighting over who got the last of them. We actually enjoyed the Onion Gravy so well we may make it for mashed potatoes every so often. I am having so much fun trying things out of this book, and my family is enjoying the results! I hope the two of you enjoy your success (and dishes!) for years to come.

  47. Is there a recipe for dogs too? Like in Meereen?!

  48. LisaC says:

    Hey there!

    I’m trying to get a review copy of your book for a publication here in Asia. I was so confused by the Random House site I had no idea who to email to for one.

    Can you help point me in the right direction?


  49. Artanicus says:

    Any chance of an “international edition”, at least as an ebook? Or perhaps the UK edition uses sane units? i.e. just plain ol’ English text with the SI units from the European translated editions. Too much effort to translate into every known language, an international edition would work in any standard respecting country where most of the population knows The Queen’s English anyway :-)

  50. Gustavo says:

    There’s hope for Brazilians fans???? Could be a Portuguese version of The Feast of Ice and Fire??? The fans in here are great, and we’ll be delighted with this cookbook.

  51. micah says:

    You should allow us to discus the recipes that are in the book on the website so we can offer ideas and variations.

  52. Vinz says:

    This Medieval Game of Thronian Easter day was amazing. My whole family couldn’t stop telling how much it was good and original and tasty.
    I was myself amazed by all those new kind of flavours.
    I made from the cookbook :
    – The summer salad (in France we don’t have crumbled cheese, and gorgonzola was too creamy so we used bluecheese and it was great)
    – the roasted lamb (I add a bit more herbs into the crust paste)
    – medieval buttered carrots (a giant kick in the face, in a good way ! So much flavours, the combination of honey and wine is wonderful) They just tend to dry a bit into the oven, I covered the dish in the oven, the day after when we made some more, but they still tend to be crunchy. Well, I like crunchy vegetables so it didn’t bother me)
    – buttered beets (less “particular”, a bit more boring but still really good)
    – medieval blueberry tart (I would have eat like ten more gladly, never tasted something that positively particular. My palate was totally delighted, it was a firework in my mouth lol)

    And for the evening (yeah, I spent the day in the kitchen) :
    – medieval leek soup (soooo tasty)
    – Pigeon pie (I just took off the breasts before cooking the pigeon, cutted them into stripes then browned them into a frypan, quickly. I putted them back into the pie just before “closing” it. I added some sage too cuz I thought it would be good, and it was, bringing a subtle taste at the end, really nice.)
    – Baked apples (but well I think I made too much mixture lol)

    And I couldn’t resist making Applecakes for the late cup of herbal tea at night. Everybody liked them too.

    It was a total success. I’ve NEVER been disappointed with your recipes, not even once. Not even a bit.
    Except for the proportions of “liquid” into lemoncakes’ dough, everything is just perfect.
    I can’t thank you enough… <3<3 I can't wait to try some other recipes !

  53. Steve Heim says:

    I got the book (in fact, 2 copies, one for my brother) and it’s great! If you make another one, I think it would be great if you put not only american measurements but also european (grams, liters)! That would make it perfect! (I wouldn’t have to always go check online before starting a recipe ^__~)

  54. trace says:

    Question…. Am i missing something? The rack of beef ribs on the cover of the cook book is not in the book. Any way to get that or am i just silly and am looking over it?

  55. Kathja says:

    it would be nice in Danish too ;o)
    fan from Denmark – up in the north ;o)

  56. David Berron says:

    I’m having my copy tomorrow!!!
    It’ll be arriving from the States, straight down to Cancun, Mexico
    I can hardly wait to start cooking so many delights that I have been reading in the books.
    Thanks for your immense effort to satisfy our palates

  57. Tui Song says:

    How can I tell the difference between the UK and US versions? I ordered one here in NZ but I have a feeling it is the US version and will end up driving me mad trying to convert the recipes. I would try and sell my copy if I could be sure I can pick up a UK version one. Is there a clue on the cover or different publisher?

    • Chelsea M-C says:

      Hmmm… Let me double check for you that the measurements are different (and apologize- Americans are backwards). I know the US edition is published by Bantam, and the UK by Harper Voyager.

    • Chelsea M-C says:

      So I’ve looked into it, and it seems that there is no practical difference between the UK and the US versions. I will be the first to admit that this is ridiculous, and have suggested to the publishers that they work on a metric version for the rest of the world. The great irony is that I had to partially convert some of the recipes in the first place, so I deeply sympathize with how irritating having to convert can be. I’ll keep you posted on any updates!

      • Tui Song says:

        Thanks for looking into it. I won’t bother to look for the UK version then. I’ll just make notes in pencil alongside the recipes. My main problem is ‘stick of butter’ because I am always having to look that up! here in NZ we buy butter in 500g blocks which has small marks along the wrapper as a rough guide where to cut it. I’ve made the medieval beef and bacon pie, and bacon and beans (on different nights I swear!) both delicious. I was looking at buying a set of US measuring cups so I might go ahead with that. As long as I know which base unit of measurement a recipe is and can convert weights then it is all good. I just get a bit flustered around fluid ounces and sticks of butter.

        I as also interested by the liberal use of pine nuts in many recipes. Is this because they are cheaply available there? I may sub macadamias and almonds in some recipes. Likewise the use of dried cherries, an ingredient we don’t really see much of in NZ, but I am guessing dried cranberries soaked a little in lemon juice and a touch of almond essence might work. And we were trying to figure out what might be a good sub for rattle snake. Am thinking free range chicken on that. No snakes at all n NZ, can’t even import the meat here (might be a good thing, even dead snake looks kind of daunting)

  58. Kenn says:

    amazing, love your book and your website(this one)…wishing there was an ‘Inn at the Crossroads’ in real life! Have either of you ever seen the movie ‘A Knight’s Tale’? It was my first ‘medieval foodie’ moment as one of the characters makes multiple references to exotic dishes there too. Anyway, thanks for the book and everything in it!

    • Chelsea M-C says:

      I always got a big kick out of that movie (with the exception of the annoying girlfriend), but I don’t remember any food. Time for a rewatch! :)

      • Kenn says:

        Omg! the lead’s ginger-friend ‘Wot’…he’s always going on about ‘Dilled Veal Balls’ and ‘Peppermint Cream’…’Squash Fritters’. My favorite was when they’re all talking about girls they’ve loved…his offering starts with “…she used to cook for the Duke of York…”
        And yes, the girlfriend in that movie was an annoying, stupid character, I liked her handmaiden more.

  59. Melinda White says:

    I have this book! It’s amazing as far as cookbooks go. We made something different and posted pics every Sunday during the show. There are a few recipes that I will continue to make and some I didn’t get to…

  60. I was very pleased to receive the cookbook from my daughter for Father’s Day. I’ve promised her that the first thing I make will be lemon cakes! I just have to decide what version.

  61. Kate Barker says:

    Hi folks! I managed to get my hands on a copy of your tome, all the way over here in New Zealand, and very pleased I am, too. Being a medievalist and something of a creative cook, I have a mad scheme to jump on the ‘Julie and Julia’ bandwagon and cook everything from the book in a year. I’m sure I’m not the only one to have attempted it, but perhaps the only one from NZ so far? Whether I succeed in this venture remains to be seen, but in any case, your book is a great read and I highly recommend it!

    • Kate Barker says:

      Oh I also should say that I don’t plan to try and make any money or fame for my efforts like Julie did, I just wanted to see if I could do it…please don’t think I’m trying to steal your thunder! Perhaps I see it as something of a challenge since there will probably be a lot of substitutions having to be made. Rattlesnake for instance, is pretty much impossible to get here; we have good food in NZ, but we are not the US, let alone Westeros!

  62. Luzie says:

    Why are there less more recipes in the German one then in the English one?

  63. I adore this book so much! I’ve been cooking up a storm in the kitchen ever since I got it for Christmas! :D

  64. Luzie says:

    I finally bought the book… First I wanted to buy it in German, but now I ordered the English one :D I love Game of Thrones and I love food, I love this website and I love that book!!! I´m so happy! Danke für alles und dass wenigstens ein paar Rezepte online waren :D

  65. Songbird says:

    My son in law to be bought this book for my daughter on valentines day a couple weeks ago. We have made so many recipes from it and I have to say I am amazed at how good the recipes are. Again today we are cooking from the book. I have had many recipe books through the years and I have to say most of them are great books, but I have never used a recipe book and enjoyed it as much as this one. I am going to have to go and buy my own copy as my daughter is moving out in a few weeks and I will really miss the book. (her as well :)

  66. so excited about these recipes!!

  67. Julia Buoso says:

    Finaly!! It’s here!! Can’t stop reading it, with several passages, great pictures!! So Excited!!!! ^___^ Going to cook now, thank you Inn!!

  68. Andréas Chanalet says:

    Will there be a french translation of your book for the french fans ? I love your work !

  69. Jo Ferry-Parker says:

    I have had so much fun creating things from this cookbook. My husband loves the lemoncakes and have made those several times. We had a GoT cookbook themed meal for the finale of season 4!!!

  70. BatMary says:

    When will be made a italian edition for us italian fans?
    I love, your work, is genius!!!

  71. Shelley says:

    Using this cookbook right now! I made Arya’s Tarts and Turnips in Butter! YUM! http://cakebunny.blogspot.com/

  72. Jules says:

    My husband looks like the hound so I should probably just make him two chickens

  73. Kamil says:

    That’s a great book – and it makes me hungry just from reading it. In case You read Polish – here’s the Review of our edition: http://przykominku.com/uczta_lodu_ognia
    Thanks for writing it.

  74. Joe Sturgeon says:

    In the crusty white bread recipe it says to use 1 to 2 tablespoons of honey… well which is it? 1 or 2?

  75. Brett says:

    Will the Dornish add on ever be available in a physical copy? I don’t have a kindle and would love it.

  76. Ponul says:

    Czech translation…is it still actual or not?

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