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“Four master pyromancers conjured up beasts of living flame to tear at each other with fiery claws whilst the serving men ladled out bowls of blandissory, a mixture of beef broth and boiled wine sweetened with honey and dotted with blanched almonds and chunks of



“I’d give you some violets, but they withered all when my father died.” -Ophelia, Hamlet Violatium Thoughts: So get this: The Ancient Romans actually made this beverage where they immersed violet blossoms in wine. Naturally, I had to try it. The finished product is quirky. As

Brewing Projects from April


Having mostly settled into the new apartment, I’m ready to get back to brewing! As with many such projects, it’s a lot more fun in a group. I’ve got a long list of various brews I’m planning to try sooner or later, and these are

Persimmon Wine brewing

Tart Persimmon Wine

“While the good masters of Astapor conferred among themselves in low voices, Dany sipped tart persimmon wine from a tall silver flute…” (Storm of Swords) Tart Persimmon Wine, on the right Our Thoughts: This was our first foray into home brewing, and we’re totally hooked

Breakfast in Meereen

Breakfast in Mereen

“Dany broke her fast under the persimmon tree that grew in the terrace garden… Missandei served her duck eggs and dog sausage, and half a cup of sweetened wine mixed with the juice of a lime. The honey drew flies, but a scented candle drove

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Plum Wine

The Queen took a flagon of sweet plum wine from a passing servant girl and filled Sansa’s cup.  “Drink,” she commanded coldly. “Perhaps it will give you courage to deal with truth for a change.” (II: 621) Sweet Plum Wine Our thoughts: Your first sip


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