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Vintage Brown Oatbread recipe

Brown Oatbread

“Maester Luwin sent Poxy Tym down to the kitchens, and they dined in the solar on cheese, capons, and brown oatbread. While tearing apart a bird with fat fingers, Lord Wyman made polite inquiry after Lady Hornwood, who was a cousin of his.” -A Game

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Gingerbread Castle-palooza!

I had this thunderbolt of an idea a few weeks ago. I am going to make a gingerbread version of Castle Black for our holiday party on the 15th. The online response to the idea was great, and one reader on FB suggested holding a

Westerosi Thanksgiving

Westerosi Thanksgiving

  Out of all the holidays in the year, I think Thanksgiving might be the best suited to a Westerosi interpretation. As I started building this list, more and more dishes sprang to mind. Thanksgiving, in many families, is characterized by cold weather, a groaning table

Wildling Cider featured

Wildling Cider

“Before Mance, Varamyr Sixskins had been a lord of sorts. He lived alone in a hall of moss and mud and hewn logs that had once been Haggon’s, attended by his beasts. A dozen villages did him homage in bread and salt and cider, offering

Apricot Wine | Inn at the Crossroads

Apricot Wine

“Before you came Meereen was dying. Our rulers … sat atop their pyramids sipping apricot wine and talking of the glories of the Old Empire whilst the centuries slipped by and the very bricks of the city crumbled all around them. Custom and caution had an iron grip upon

Lamb Chops sauce with Honey and Cloves

Mutton Chops sauced with Honey and Cloves

 “Such food Bran had never seen; course after course after course, so much that he could not manage more than a bite or two of each dish.  There were great joints of aurochs roasted with leeks, venison pies chunky with carrots, bacon, and mushrooms, mutton

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Roast Swans

No, sadly, we did not get to cook a whole roast swan, although if we had, it might look something like this: It’s not for want of trying. The truth is that we’re not somewhere we could hunt our own, and they’re just too blasted

Featured Cherry Crumble

Hot Pie’s Cherry Crumble

Never, in all my excitement over HBO’s version of Game of Thrones, did I imagine that I would get enough detail from the show from which to make food. However, nestled in among all the intrigue, in episode 2.8, Hot Pie mutters enough details to

Elizabethan Honeycakes


Elizabethan Honeycakes “She still remembered the innkeep, a fat woman named Masha Heddle who chewed sourleaf night and day and seemed to have an endless supply of smiles and sweet cakes for the children. The sweet cakes had been soaked with honey, rich and heavy


Strawberries and Sweetgrass

 “Tables and benches had been raised outside the pavilions, piled high with sweetgrass and strawberries and fresh-baked bread.” -A Game of Thrones  Strawberries & Sweetgrass Thoughts: The first taste of summer, for me, has always been strawberries. If there were a way to further improve


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