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Tea Eggs

Tea Eggs

Tea Eggs Thoughts: I originally made these as part of Breakfast in Meereen, and liked them so much I have kept making them. Their flavor gets into the egg, smoky and filled with spice. It makes them more unique than ordinary hard-boiled eggs. They’re great

Nettle Tea

Nettle Tea

“‘Found some nettles and brewed a tea,’ Shadd announced. ‘Will m’lady take a cup?’ ‘Yes, with thanks.’ She cradled the tea in her scarred hands and blew on it to cool it.” -A Clash of Kings Nettle Tea Our Thoughts: Somewhat lacking in fresh wild greens

sweetsleep herbal tea mixture


“‘This will give you dreamless sleep,’ Maester Luwin said as he pulled the stopper from the jar. ‘Sweet, dreamless sleep.’” -A Clash of Kings Sweetsleep Infusion Mixture This post will benefit from a small bit of back story. Several months ago, after suffering from bouts

Dany's ideal meal

Daenerys Targaryen’s ideal meal

We were swamped with terrific ideas and suggestions for this meal. Combining our ideas with yours, this is what we’ve got: We started with Kati’s idea that the meal would have to include lots of small dishes of nibbles for Dany to daintily pick at.

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Melon and Hard Cooked Eggs

“But the only sound was the wind in the fruit trees, and the only creatures in the gardens were a few pale moths. Missandei returned with a melon and a bowl of hard-cooked eggs, but Dany found she had no appetite.” (Dance with Dragons) Roman Melon and Boiled


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