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Metheglin Featured, photo by Rachael Cerrotti

Metheglin Mead

Metheglin Mead Thoughts: I started my batch in April, bottled in May, and tried it at the end of August, about 5 months later. At this point, it’s ever so slightly fizzy when first cracked open, and a beautiful light golden color. It smells like

Ambrosia Farms Mead Kit, photo by Rachael Cerrotti

Mead Kits

 Elderberry Mead, with kit For those of you looking for an easier approach to meads, let me recommend the kits sold by Ambrosia Farm. I tried out their Elderberry mead kit, and was delighted with the result! It produces a short mead, similar to what

Brewing Projects from April


Having mostly settled into the new apartment, I’m ready to get back to brewing! As with many such projects, it’s a lot more fun in a group. I’ve got a long list of various brews I’m planning to try sooner or later, and these are

Lamb Chops sauce with Honey and Cloves

Mutton Chops sauced with Honey and Cloves

 “Such food Bran had never seen; course after course after course, so much that he could not manage more than a bite or two of each dish.  There were great joints of aurochs roasted with leeks, venison pies chunky with carrots, bacon, and mushrooms, mutton

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Got Mead?

Our thoughts: First of all, we LOVE mead.  Like, would keep our own bees so we could make our own mead kind-of-love. Mead comes in a wider variety than you might expect.  All are honey-based, but that’s usually where the similarities end. Some meads are


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