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Tea Eggs

Tea Eggs

Tea Eggs Thoughts: I originally made these as part of Breakfast in Meereen, and liked them so much I have kept making them. Their flavor gets into the egg, smoky and filled with spice. It makes them more unique than ordinary hard-boiled eggs. They’re great

Dany's ideal meal

Daenerys Targaryen’s ideal meal

We were swamped with terrific ideas and suggestions for this meal. Combining our ideas with yours, this is what we’ve got: We started with Kati’s idea that the meal would have to include lots of small dishes of nibbles for Dany to daintily pick at.

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Breakfast in King’s Landing

“Cersei Lannister was breaking her fast when Sansa was ushered into her solar. ‘You may sit,’ the queen said graciously. ‘Are you hungry?’ She gestured at the table. There was porridge, honey, milk, boiled eggs, and crisp fried fish.” -A Clash of Kings Breakfast in

Breakfast in Meereen

Breakfast in Mereen

“Dany broke her fast under the persimmon tree that grew in the terrace garden… Missandei served her duck eggs and dog sausage, and half a cup of sweetened wine mixed with the juice of a lime. The honey drew flies, but a scented candle drove


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