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Tea Eggs

Tea Eggs

Tea Eggs Thoughts: I originally made these as part of Breakfast in Meereen, and liked them so much I have kept making them. Their flavor gets into the egg, smoky and filled with spice. It makes them more unique than ordinary hard-boiled eggs. They’re great

Breakfast in Braavos, fried sardines, from Game of Thrones

Breakfast in Braavos

“She broke her fast on sardines, fried crisp in pepper oil and served so hot they burned her fingers. She mopped up the leftover oil with a chunk of bread torn off the end of Umma’s morning loaf and washed it all down with a

Jaqen H'gar

What would Jaqen H’gar eat?

Alright you online Westerosians. You picked Jaqen as the winner in our last character themed meal vote, so now it’s time to brainstorm what elements would make up his ideal meal.  We know that he is Braavosi (or is he?!), and is a faceless man, and


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