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Chocolate Carrageen Pudding

Plants that welcome the stranger, Sea-swept and driven astern, Beloved by the wide-world ranger— Seaweed, tussock, and fern.  -Henry Lawson, 1910 Chocolate Carrageen Pudding Our Thoughts: Carrageen, or carraigín, is a wonderful foraged seaweed from the coasts of Ireland. Historically, it has been used as a

Traditional sweet biscuits

Sweet Biscuits

Traditional Burrbrede “[Sansa] drank a glass of buttermilk and nibbled at some sweet biscuits as she waited, to settle her stomach.” -Game of Thrones Modern Sweet Biscuits Our Thoughts The traditional sweet biscuit is shortbread at its very very best. Burrbrede, or shortbread, is a


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