The North


The Wall

Bear Island

Wildlings & Wayfaring

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  1. Husband is cooking tonight so bummer but I’m on vacation all this week so look out . My kids will love it My mother will think I’m nuts but she drives me there so I’m going to be happy and make them all crazy this week enjoying these meals. Thanks for having them posted .

  2. Great idea, must be a lot of work to try these recipes out. That honeyed chicken looks tempting though!

    • Thanks! It is quite a bit of work, but we love projects, and the reward of delicious food is really terrific. You should definitely give the honeyed chicken a go; it’s received rave reviews at our house and many others!

  3. Just discovered this site, and I could not be more thrilled! I can’t wait to see the Sister’s Stew from the first Davos chapter in ADwD show up here!

    • Made some Sister’s Stew, it was wonderful! I made a double batch and froze some, thawing some for tomorrow. Will try to remember to post how it comes out. I didn’t buy enough turnips so I added some potatoes. When you buy your turnips, try to choose smaller ones, I think the larger ones have a bit of a bitter flavor.

  4. Even though it may be super simple, a big one is the onion soup at the wall. Simple but its partly why the wildlings came!

  5. I know this will sound incredibly creepy, but do you have a recipe yet for the Rat Cook’s pie? Non-cannibalistic of course, perhaps switch the Andal king’s sons with a few choice cuts off a pig?

  6. Wassail is a wonderful idea for your next book. My wife and I regularly attend a recreation of this ceremony over at the local cidery and it is awesome. We get a mummer’s play, plenty of warm, mulled cider, make wishes on the Wassail tree, and there’s always plenty of food (though I doubt pulled pork sandwiches are an accurate period-food!).