20 Responses to Across the Narrow Sea

  1. tag0mag0Jem says:

    So…when’s the recipe for unborn puppy coming out?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Shobbs says:

    I asked my friend’s pregnant wife to consume a stallion’s still-beating heart… no dice.

  3. Leontina Lange says:

    Please add me to your list of subscribers!!!!! Love what you are doing so want to partake.

  4. heartofoshun says:

    I want to follow these recipe. The ones I have randomly read are fabulous.

  5. N says:

    No Quartheen roasted dog recipe?

  6. Jess says:

    i would love to know how one would achieve Fomented Mares Milk….even if you used goats or ewe milk….guess cows would be worth a try too, but might be fattier than mares milk? there is one for Google :)

  7. Made the Winter cake at Christmas, it was amazing!

  8. SergiuDorobantu says:

    Hi, i’m a huge fan of this blog, and a bigger fan of the ASOIF book! I am kind obsessed with Braavos. Except Umma’s loaf and Breakfast in Braavos do you know other braavosi recepies or do you have any ideas?

  9. Tegan says:

    Can I put in a request for honeyed lamb with crushed mint and green figs (“the kind Daenerys likes so much”)

  10. Emily says:

    I have bought your cookbook and tried making the honeyfingers. They are delicious, but I’m wondering, are they equally as good if they are put away for a few hours? Or do they become too soggy because of the honey?

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