Note:  While many of these are vegetarian recipes to begin with, some will need small changes.  We have included vegetarian recipes, and the dishes that can most easily be changed to suit a vegetarian diet.  Those links marked with a (V) show recipes that either are or could be made Vegan. Enjoy! 

Current Online Recipes:

5 Responses to Vegetarian

  1. Veggie Vic says:

    Thank you!! Really hard to find my way through your blog without such a selection…

  2. I am thinking about doing a vegan version of GoT for Vegan MoFo in September, I hope you don’t mind if I use some of your recipes?

  3. samantha says:

    this is an awesome selection! thank you!!!

  4. Emily Sowell says:

    I made the cheese and onion pie, along with buttered carrots and Sansa salad, for dinner the other day. Really an unusual flavor combination, particularly with currants, but delicious and a huge crowd pleaser. It smelled a bit like rice pudding, but in a very appetizing way. It seems that medieval cooking (or GoT at least) liked to use meat in its main dishes, but this one filled us up with great flavor!

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