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  • Cream stews (II: 195)
  • Broth with chunks of whitefish, carrots, and onion (III: 286)
  • sweetgrass stew (I:   ) Pentos- wedding feast
  • Three-Finger Hobb’s infamous three-meat- mutton, mutton, and mutton, but carrot, onion, and turnip would have been closer to the mark (DwD)
  • Soup made with Eggs and Lemons (DwD)
  • Cold Egg-lime Soup (DwD)

10 thoughts on “Soups/Stews”

  1. Miko Simons says:

    I recommend folks try the traditional leek soup recipe with cremini mushrooms and almost twice as many. The broth gets so earthy and nom-tastic. Loving my cookbook.

  2. Vinz says:

    Me again :D
    So, I tried the sweet potiron soup. It was a-ma-zing ! Really, I did expect something astonishing but not as much as it was :) I’ll definitively keep in mind the roasting part, it makes it wonderful. Really onctuous, surprisingly sweet…
    I just regret the absence of proportions/weight of vegetables. I mean, an half of butternut means quite nothing as its weight can turn up to be twice as heavy :/ So I don’t know if proportions were ok. But well it was really good. Maybe a bit too spicy (I must have put a bit too much of each spice I mean) and almost over-rich at the end, but I’ll definitely do it again sooner than later :)

    Oh and I bought some rye bread at my (wonderful <3) bakery, very black but airy, it paired very well with the soup and the onions in gravy. So old school x)

    I can't wait to try every recipe in the book (and here too!), breads, meat, tarts, pies.. (we don't eat pie in France, I HAVE to try that !)
    I think I'll even try horse in dothraki recipes, since we can find it here (even in beef lasagnas, hahaha *European scandal related joke*)

  3. Lucy S. says:

    I got your cook book this past Christmas and have now started to make what I can. For her birthday, my mom, another avid fan of A Song of Ice and Fire, asked me to make Sister’s Stew. MY GOD! I love food and cooking and this was one of the best things I’ve made in a long time. The flavors are fairly reminiscent of New England Clam Chowder but creamier and stronger. The barley added a depth to the stew in texture as well as a bit of flavor. I have nothing bad to say about this at all, and only want to say that it went really well with the leftover Crusty White Bread I made.

    I’m having a seasons 1 and 2 marathon this weekend and just can’t wait to try more of the amazing recipes in the cookbook. =) I’m gonna have a feast to span the whole of the Song(Feast) of Ice and Fire universe.

  4. S Lain says:

    I received the cook book as a gift from a friend last week and had a feast over the weekend. I made made the leek soup with a bit of a twist by mixing modern and medieval. The leek combined with potato and shitake mushrooms was so earthy and wonderful. Once the potato was fork tender I put the soup through the blender and gave it a rough blend. Even the guest who does not like leeks or onions had a big bowl and said how delicious it was. A pinch of ginger goes a long way. The soup went well with the roasted venison, carrots and turnips in butter, and the lemon cakes.

  5. Prefiera says:

    I made the Sister’s Stew half the regular and half way in the crockpot for a GOT watch party and it turned out well! We were going to make bread bowls to go with, but two of my dogs (ironically named Arya and Sansa!) pulled the dough off the baking sheet right as the oven was pre-heating! Boo…maybe next time!

    1. Prefiera says:

      Some other thoughts on it…perhaps because it was in the crockpot and not finished on the stove, but there was not quite as much liquid as I would have liked. Maybe just a touch of cornstarch to thicken it as well? I think I will add a bit of milk when I reheat the leftovers. It wasn’t overly fishy, but I think if I made it again, I’d half the amount of cod to save a little money and skip the clam meat, since I am not a huge clam person anyways. I’d probably add some mushrooms too.

      1. Gwen Goble-Bartzen says:

        I make mine with mushrooms.

  6. Christian B. says:

    Where is Tyrion’s Turtle Stew? Of course, I wouldn’t eat it it Tyrion had been anywhere near the kitchen. ;-)

  7. Ani Blackthorn says:

    Very curious about the ‘bowl of brown’…! (Love the idea of this blog and cookbook!)

  8. fuente says:

     He conocido juego mas destacables si no que de igual forma tambien peores

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