8 thoughts on “Pies & Savory Tarts”

  1. tanto ten says:

    lamprey pie..there´s a google translator feature…good luck with it!!


  2. Fleur says:

    Was just going to say, ‘where’s the lamprey pie?’ They’re always eating lamprey pie …

    1. Chelsea M-C says:

      I’d totally make it, but haven’t been able to find lamprey!

      1. Mel says:

        Eel makes a good substitute for lamprey. Both have a meaty texture, which is why lamprey was so popular in the middle ages, because the nobles wanted meat during lent.

  3. mariefoxprice@yahoo.com says:

    Hi, may I ask was the Manderly pie recipe deleted? People are discussing the cookbook and website on the Facebook forums and someone asked about the pies. i remembered seeing an email about it and was going to link the person to it in hopes of getting you another reader but the link is now invalid. :(

    1. Chelsea M-C says:

      I know! I’m sorry- I hit the “publish” button by accident before it was finished. It should go up later on this week, all photographed and spiffy and ready to be made.

  4. mariefoxprice@yahoo.com says:

    Cool. I’ll tell them to look out. I love your site and want to try more of your reciples, makes me wish I ate red meat!

  5. Anna says:

    The main problem with lampreys is that they usually live in protected waters, meaning it is illegal to fish for them. Unless you live somewhere like the Great Lakes where they are an actual invading pest, they will indeed be hard to come by.

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