The world of Westeros, with its incredibly detailed descriptions of decor, heraldry, food, and drink, just begs to be celebrated with a party. Perhaps you are planning to make appropriate food for your HBO viewing parties, or you are the gaming sort, and require suitable sustenance as you Battle for Westeros.

For a great guide to planning a GoT party, check out my Game of Thrones Party Planning ebook, available HERE.

Game of Thrones Party Planning Guide

Whatever the case, let this page be your guide to a successful and delicious endeavor! Here are some suggestions for Game of Thrones party ideas. I’ll be updating this section periodically, so be sure to check in once in a while.

Of course, you can also get even more fabulous recipes in the official COOKBOOK, A Feast of Ice and Fire, available in bookstores everywhere.

Simple and Hearty

Leek SoupSansa SaladSpiced Squash, Peppers Stuffed w/Cheese, Fresh Bread: White & BlackWhite Beans & BaconPork Pie, Pease PieHoneyed ChickenStrawberry PieCherries in Sweet CreamMead


Honeyed Duck w/Snap PeppersTrout baked in ClayOatbreadGoat w/FirepodsStew of 3 Fish, Crabs, and MusselsAssorted Fruit Tarts: Modern & MedievalSherbetMulled Wine, Crown Roast

For the Bold

Honey-spiced LocustsPotted Hare, Mock Dormice, Rats on a StickDany’s Cupcake HeartWeirwood Cake, Direwolf Cupcakes

Not quite canon, but still delicious

Fig TartsHaggis on ToastScotch EggsSpiced Plum MousseWassail

Fun Decor, Projects, and Favors

InvitationsHeraldic Cake Toppers, Tears of LysFelt Banner Placemats, Doggie Bags for Leftovers

 When planning your GoT party, you’ll probably run into a few issues. For example, unless you plan to rewall your dining room with stone, you’ll need a way to alter the atmosphere of the room. Our foolproof solution to this: Candles. Filling your table with candles of various sizes will not only illuminate just the guests, but throw shadows onto the modern walls and accessories in your room, giving the illusion of a more medieval setting. Surrounded by good friends and family, cheeks flushed with mead and mulled wine, you’ll be amazed by the time transcendence.

Choosing a selection of appropriate fabrics and dishware can also help greatly. Rather than use your standard plates and bowls, scan thrift shops for wooden feasting accessories, such as platters, bowls, and silverware. For the very dedicated, whole sets can be purchased online. Even just depriving your guests of forks can go a long way towards a more adventurous meal, depending, of course, on what you’re serving!

Also, as per a reader’s suggestion, offer your guests some Bread and Salt as soon as they arrive. It might not be a foolproof guarantee of their safety, but it’s a good start. Also consider some themed dishware and glasses from the HBO shop; they look great on any feast table!

S2 invites

my S2 premiere invites

21 Responses to Plan a Party!

  1. Jane says:

    We are making Ned Stark Head Cake Pops!!!

  2. Pooja says:

    We’re planning a premiere party for Season 2 on Sunday and we’re using a whole bunch of your recipes. I think I’m going to dress up as a Ghiscari (minus the funky hair, unless I can find a suitable wig) to look appropriately fantastical when I serve the food. Thanks so much for creating this fabulous cookbook!

  3. Manda says:

    I’m throwing a season two premier party as well and my friend and I are going to use several of your recipes! So excited! I can’t wait! I’ll also be dressing in medieval garb! :)

  4. mitch says:

    I am bringing rotisserie grilled duck and rabbit to a thrones party in vegas man!!!

  5. Katie Evenstar says:

    Thanks for all of your great ideas for a premier party! I’ve got my “poison” bottles with my rock candy Strangler all ready to go, and my 7 courses all figured out! I’m also doing a trivia game, and whoever wins gets named the Hand of the King (or Queen in this case). I even found the pin (though I’ll be sad to have to give it up to whoever wins). As long as the food turns out good I’ll be SO happy! That’s the wild card, because if anyone could mess up your detailed recipes I’d be me! Wish me luck!

  6. Emily Dee says:

    We ended up having a lovely party. Not too many people, just 8 or so, most of whom were all avid fans, either of the show, or the books as well. We did have one total newbie, and we tried to do as much explaining as possible for her benefit.

    I thought I’d share my picture of the spread with you guys! I did suggest that people bring thematically-appropriate foods. My personal contribution was a lemon cake ; Sansa’s favorite! I decided I didn’t want to fiddle with making a whole bunch of little cakes, and instead just make a big one and cut hunks off for people. I did make it from scratch, though!

    We also had some cheese-and-onion tarts (on the left) that were a big hit. My best friend went all out, and made your Mock Dormice! They were so cute, and I had a hard time keeping my cats away from them. My friend the newbie made some hand pies (the round things on the plate) with sausage and veggies in them. For someone who’s never seen the show, I think she took to it quite well. I can’t put my finger on a description from the book, but it does seem like the sort of thing that someone would buy in the streets of Gulltown or White Harbor, yes?

    We even had some chocolate dragon’s eggs in the little bowl. And there was plenty of ale and mead (and gin and tonics) being consumed as well.

  7. AmandaK says:

    I have to preface this by saying that my friends and I are all devoted (okay, maybe obsessed) GoT fans. We’ve pored over the books and gathered every Sunday night this season to watch, re-watch, discuss, and debate! As it happened, two members of the group had birthdays coinciding with the weekend of the season finale. Your site and all the wonderful ideas inspired me so much that I decided to throw a Name Day/Finale feast!

    Our group split up the cooking and baking, and our menu was: Bread & Salt, Chestnut Soup, Sansa Salad, Oatbread, Spiced Squash, Honeyed Chicken, Pease Pie, Beef & Bacon Pie, Candied Ginger, Roman Sweets, Lemon Cakes {altered recipe}, and of course, Weirwood Cake {I tried, but your artistic skills couldn’t be matched!}. Everything was divine!

    My co-hostess and I also went all out and decorated the apartment, printed out the menus on vellum paper and sealed them with wax, and gave out chalices full of candied ginger as parting gifts. A good friend printed out GoT inspired wine labels, one for the “Dornish Red”, and another for the “Arbor Gold”.

    Just purchased the book and can’t wait to continue cooking! Thank you for the inspiration!

    Btw, I would love to include photos but wasn’t sure how; if anyone is interested, I put them up here:

  8. Lena says:

    I live in south of France and friends of mine are planning a huge week end of “live action role-playing game” (as wikipedia calls it). The scenario happens in the game of thrones universe, in the north. I’s something like a meeting with delegations to decide the ownership of a piece of land. I’m unfamiliar with LARP gaming but very familiar with the GOT books and medieval history, art and food.
    The event is set in a 17th century farm/museum and it hosts 60 players.
    I’m in charge of the food (they got me drunk until I said yes…) and I’m planning my menus ahead and testing all the food in small quantities before the event (happening in june). 4 meals, 60 people and a 5 persons staff in the kitchen.
    I’ll be using your recipe for the fish broth, and do honey and spices roasted ham, and a medieval “porée” de céréales aux blettes” from my own cookbook; but I’m stuck with the friday night meal (whitch is supposed to be a welcoming feast) and I can’t find a recipe that I can do for 60 people. I’m thinking of the poultry alla sunbird from your other website but I obviously cannot stick 10 chicken on cans of beer in the oven.
    Any advice or recipe you would consider making for 60 is welcome.

  9. Mishikall says:

    Lena, a thought for you. Here, at local party shops, you can rent giant barbeques, pig roasters, smoker, etc., by the day. Maybe they’re available where you are? Might make your life (and cooking) easier for an event wit that many. :)

  10. Lady Jess says:

    I know I’ve been bugging you guys about planning your season 3 shinanigans. If you need some ideas, I’ve started a blog that give you guys lots love (You have created a monster…) and also gives the ins and outs of all the crazy projects I have going on for this season. I hope you marvelous folks don’t mind that I’ve told the 4 people who read it about your site and how amazing it is… Hope you can check it out!

  11. lequizzle says:

    Hi! I made a review of “A Feast of Ice and Fire” a couple of months ago on my blog. If you wanna have a look, here it is: :) :)

    Love your concept, recipes, everything. Also planning a Feast in May or June for a season 3 marathon – will save myself until then, can you believe it? Anyway, will be buying your new book in a couple of seconds, I am VERY sure it will come in handy!

    Thank you so much for your creativity and integrity!

  12. Z says:

    Why isn’t this available on Apple’s iBookstore like the cookbook? Signing up for an account on Blurb Books just to get one book is REALLY inconvenient. I have an iTunes gift card balance that I can use to buy this through Apple and would much prefer to purchase the book that way like I did with the cookbook. I hope you get this unfortunate oversight fixed soon. :(

  13. lequizzle says:

    My sister and I just planned and executed a Feast – yay, finally! I have wanted to do this ever since I bought the cookbook (which of course was our chief inspiration for the food). It was a great success. You can see the photos here:

    We added an appetizer of dates wrapped in bacon – not mentioned in ASoIaF, but we felt it was consistent with G.R.R.M.’s other lavish culinary descriptions.

  14. sleepy smiles says:

    At the end of September, my boyfriend received a cookbook his brother thought we might enjoy.WE DO! Whenever we have a weekend open we try a new recipe, vowing not to repeat until we have tried all. that we desire but we stumbled at the 17th-Century Baked Apples..Had to repeat. So far we have eaten our way through:Poudre Douce,Medieval Black Pepper Sauce (this is a thumbs up because I don’t like pepper but LOVED the sauce), Onions in Gravy, Modern Beef and Bacon Pie-love the lattice,,Aurochs Roasted with Leeks, Honeyed Chicken. We hope to soon after Thanksgiving try the Black Bread and the Sister Stew. Although,I’m looking forward to hot weather so I can make Medieval Cold Fruit Soup. It seems it should be the thing when you are tired of gazpacho. I have never gone this into a cookbook before. That includes Laurel’s Kitchen, the bible to vegetarians, or The Cake Bible by Rose L.B.

  15. BA says:

    Here was my version of a GOT party. I don’t have this book but just the preview gave me a few ideas. Other ideas come off the internet.

  16. Zelda M Warner-Hall says:

    The most inspired idea imaginable? Throw the GoT books at Heston Blumenthal and tell him to go nuts; have a televised special, with like 12 guests (or double), like ‘Hestons’ Feasts’ {I LOVED when this screened in Australia- & was impressed some guests were ex-pats, like the delectable Adam Garcia} – half the guests can be the actors and Martin- and the other half; the ‘Charlies’ of ‘Willie Wonka’ fame; a world-wide lottery-kind of thing with the lucky handful getting airfares and accommodation – it could happen in Ireland (where most of the show is filmed) or London.
    How does that sound?

  17. Maureen says:

    I downloaded the premier invite (awesome banner) and the colors looked beautiful (purple, red, gold etc) on my monitor, but came out green and yellow on paper.

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