The drinks you serve at a party can really increase the wow factor, and craft breweries across the world are starting to take notice of historical brews. The old methods, ingredients, and flavors are coming back into vogue, and are becoming more easily accessible.

This section of the blog will focus on what is commercially available, while all of the homebrewing recipes will go up on IatC’s sister blog, Game of Brews, along with a number of food recipes using the byproducts of brewing, like spent grain.

Each section includes several parts:

a list of beverages mentioned in the books

a list of reader suggestions (Recommendations welcome!)

and a list of beverages I love after trying them

So! It’s a lot to take in, but as you know by now if you’ve been following us, we are nothing if not thorough. Take a browse through the different beverage categories, try some suggestions, make a few of your own, and enjoy. And in case you should over-succeed in the imbibing adventures, we have ohsothoughtfully (with some help from readers) compiled for you this list of

Hangover Cures!

Aren’t we the best?

Throw a Party!
Want to throw a themed party? Get ideas for invites, party favors, menus, and more!
Photos from Readers
Browse pictures of some great dishes sent in by readers.
The Official Game of Thrones Cookbook
Take a look at the cookbook, with forward by George RR Martin, full color photos, and much more!

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