Dear HBO…

Nothing in the world would make us happier than having a cameo on the show.

We’re thinking we could bring a certain pigeon pie to a certain wedding in season three/four. Imagine: we wheel the pastry into a great hall loud with carousing. The couple cuts into the crust, doves fly out, it’s the coolest food yet featured on the show, and then everyone eats. Barring that, how about a scene in a tavern, or an inn? You could filthy our hair, black our teeth, and cover us with soot, and we wouldn’t even mind. Nope. Not one peep of discomfort from us, not ever. We’d be the perfect extras…

Of course, we wouldn’t mind one of those press kits, too. Stark sigil sealing wax? Yes, please.


If you support our efforts to get on the show, please leave a comment below!

46 thoughts on “Dear HBO…”

  1. Shobbs says:

    If you two made it on the show I would squeel and laugh and clap my minds.
    There might even be a bit of jumping around invovled.

  2. Jenny says:

    Boy, do i wish for you to get that gig. I have been surfing your beautiful webside for a while and keep coming back to it for fun and inspiration. You combine two of my favorite things: the Ice and Fire series with cooking. I am so glad you’re here. Keep up the good work, you got my vote to join the show. You rock!

  3. Meg says:

    We have to get you in that wedding!

  4. Matthew says:

    That’s a great idea! Maybe GRRM can put in a good word for you?

    Amazing site by the way, I’ve fallen in love with your bread recipes. It’s my new hobby now; I just wish I had the know-how to come up with my own creations.

    Best of luck with getting onto the show!

  5. Rodrigo says:

    Dear HBO, get a cameo for this Ladies, they deserve to be at a certain wedding too! As fans of their cooking and the series, we ask that HBO grants them this simple and lovely request ^^

  6. Brandy says:

    No one deserves it more than you two! I love your site, wish you’d invite me for dinner ;)

  7. Claire says:

    Oooh, that would be wonderful!

  8. Mary Kate says:

    You two DESERVE to be cast in at least one of the coming seasons’ episodes. HBO ought to be paying you for the good press you are giving them!

  9. Petra says:

    You definitely deserve it! I cross my fingers for you

  10. Emmi says:

    With GRRM himself supporting your work, I hope truly that you guys find your way onto the show! Best of luck!

  11. Katy Wolf says:

    It would be SO cool!

  12. Katy says:

    YES! I have only read the books, I haven’t watched the show, but I would absolutely tune in if you guys had a cameo. Please, HBO, give a hat tip to the devoted nerds out here, we’d be so very happy.

  13. Claudia Costa Chaves says:

    Definitely!!! Dear HBO, you could have the very best innkeepers in all Westeros and across the sea! There are plenty of scenes set in inns and taverns. That would really be capita!

  14. Ellie says:

    Yes yes yes ! I have been an avid reader of this website, it’s simply magnificent, you just deserve it for all the hard work ! fingers crossed !!

  15. Tracy says:

    Oh hell yes!

  16. Some guy dreaming of roast piglet says:

    You might have more success if you express a willingness to pay your own way to Ireland. Good luck!

  17. zazi says:

    Who is in charge of Games of Thrones casting for HBO? It’s definitely a separate casting company, not just HBO itself. I know they shoot all over the place too for the show, so it would depend.

    Go for it! Being an extra is NOT hard to do. Although it might be a union gig, and in that case, since you’re non-union, it might cause some conflict.

  18. Qthulhu says:

    Hurry up and get on the show! I NEED FEEDING

  19. McSherrie says:

    Oh, yes! You must be on the show! :D

  20. Ser Beric says:

    Yes please HBO! A season 3 pie and a season 6 pie with these lovely chefs would be fantastic! They could help Wyman with the baking!!

    1. Martha Mathews says:

      Oh yes! Forget the pigeons. Wyman’s special pie is the one you want…

  21. Slime says:

    Here here!

  22. LibbiLovely says:

    I heatily concur with my pie eating bretheran.

  23. Nate says:

    That news might get me to buy cable just for that episode. (Yes HBO, I wait patiently to legally watch your shows on DVD).

  24. mrspremise says:

    yes yes yes! This must happen! It simply must happen!

  25. Michelle says:

    I would love to see a pie like that.

  26. Rachel says:

    That would be the coolest! You guys should definitely get a cameo on the show. Kudos to all your hard culinary work :)

  27. Michael says:

    I recently purchased your book, congratulations, such a great addition to the world of Ice and Fire. That would be awesome if you two were to feature in a cameo / extra during the wedding scene…

  28. Ana says:

    HBO, get them on the show :D !

  29. lannisters chamberpot says:

    Being a server at THAT wedding could shorten you by a head. Seeing the smile on Sansa’s face will be priceless.

  30. Deirdre says:


  31. Beth Wade says:

    Definitely! HBO Casting, pay attention! :D

  32. Marianne S. Davis says:

    How do we really make this happen!!!

  33. Jehphg says:

    That would be much more amazing than i can say in just words

  34. Priyanka says:

    I’m rooting for you guys!!

  35. DCMartell says:

    Yes!! You guys definitely deserve it and GRRM has already endorsed you guys!! I’m thinking presenters of the first course at the Red Wedding? How do we make this happen??

  36. Catherine says:

    You guys should get a scene in the kitchens (maybe in Harrenhal when Arya is there?) where you, as cooks, grouse about the extravagance of the meals and the cost to the lord/realm.

    And thank you, thank you, thank you for these recipes! I just made a Thanksgiving meal for myself and my husband featuring Roast duck with cherries, guestright bread and black bread, cod cakes, and mulled wine. Best meal we’ve ever eaten! Thank you!

  37. Cait says:

    I will be sorely disappointed if I don’t see gleeful chefs next season.

  38. Cassini says:

    Hey HBO, that is a lot of talent here!

  39. André says:

    I support the idea!! :D

    You should spread it on facebook to get it further! ;)

  40. Vera Rodrigues (@Rinha) says:

    Hear ye hear ye HBO!

    If there are two people who deserve to wheel in a certain pigeon pie in a certain wedding scene… that would be these two! You have my vote!! Make it happen! :D

  41. Cory Lee Hill says:

    Any chance of you dsigning a premier dinner around Ommegang’s GoT blonde ale? Any chance of you guys influencing Omegang in their next three GoT beers?

    1. Needs Mead says:

      I would LOVE that. I’m worried that they’ll make tasty beers, but not take into account geography, climate, ingredients, etc.

  42. SERGIO GARCIA says:

    YES! Go for it, guys!

  43. ingrid says:

    yes please ! you deserve it ! that would be the most amazing thing =) put it on facebook and twitter too to get more buzzz!

  44. Kristen says:

    That would be so amazing!!! Come on HBO, make it happen!

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