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A Weedy Salad and Pottage

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to tag along on one of the many Weed Walks around Pennsic (or as I like to call it, “medieval summer camp”). This, in addition to a great introductory class about medieval gardens, inspired me to take another

cloister garden plans

On February, coping mechanisms, and cloister gardens

It’s February, and you know what that means? GARDENING!! Well, sort of. I mean, not really. At all. The backyard is basically a giant ice patch, and there’s not a hint of anything green as far as the eye can see. Don’t get me wrong,

Sept at King's Landing

Theoretical Foods: Feasts of the Seven

  Now that we’ve seen a bit of the High Sparrow in season 5, it got me thinking about the Faith of the Seven, especially in King’s Landing. In our own Middle Ages, the calendar was rife with feast days, saint’s days, and all manner of

Roast Capon, from Game of Thrones

Roast Capon

Thoughts: So, a few of you might have seen my Twitter post back in the winter, when I finally found a capon for sale at the local grocery store, of all places. I think I actually frightened a store clerk when I gave a little

Drogon Giveaway!

Double Drogon Giveaway!

Now that the fifth season of Game of Thrones is in full swing, it’s time for a couple of giveaways! This week, I’m giving away TWO of the Funko POP! Drogon Figures. And following in the spirit of HBO’s #CatchDrogon movement, all you have to


Pynade – pine nut brittle

Thoughts: So here’s a wacky one. At first blush, the historical recipe (included below) seems like it will produce a nice and simple candy. Then you skim over the word “chyconys”… Go on, say it. “Chicons…chick… chickens?” They really want me to put chicken in

Hildegard's happy cookies

Hildegard’s Happy Cookies

“Nutmeg has great heat and good moderation in its powers. If a person eats nutmeg, it will open up his heart, make his judgment free from obstruction, and give him a good disposition. Take some nutmeg and an equal weight of cinnamon and a bit


Quince Paste

So, I saw these quinces in the store about a month back, and was very excited. Quinces were very popular in historical cooking, and I thought to myself, “Great! I can make all sorts of things!” Starting with quince paste, because it goes well with

Indian Pudding, from The Inn at the Crossroads

Indian Pudding

 Thoughts: During the colonial period in America, many early cookbooks made references to “indian” dishes, or “indian meal”. This simply meant dishes that included cornmeal, which was a primary staple food for many native tribes, and a somewhat novel ingredient to the European colonists. Indian

Wheat Sheaf Breadsticks label

Wheat Sheaf Breadsticks

So some of you might remember that I posted this photo on FB with some obscure hints about holiday cooking: Well, here is the big reveal: They’re breadsticks in the shape of wheat sheafs! How fun is this? That photo above was just the practice


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