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Gooseberry Hops

I first saw this idea over on Ivan Day’s site, Historic Food, and knew that I had to try it at some point. But that was actually several years ago, when I didn’t even know where to buy gooseberries in New England, let alone expect

Roasted Quince

Roasted Quince

Thoughts: When I recently posted on Facebook about finally snagging some quinces at the grocery store, a number of you chimed in with suggestions, ideas, and thoughts about how best to enjoy these quirky fruits. But one simple description stuck with me: baked with heavy

Sweet and Savory Sops, from The Inn at the Crossroads

Sweet and Savory Sops

A few months ago, in my quest to find more campfire-capable recipes for my repertoire, I flipped through one of my favorite medieval cookery books, The Opera of Bartolomeo Scappi. I don’t even have the words right now to tell you how much I love

Syllabub Recipe, from The Inn at the Crossroads


   Thoughts: I had my doubts about this one, but once again, our culinary ancestors were onto something. There are countless recipes for syllabubs throughout historical cookbooks, at least back into the 16th century. They also seem to come in two basic versions- in the

Acorn Cakes, from Inn at the Crossroads

Acorn Cakes

Thoughts: Now, don’t get too excited by the term “cake”, because these are much more like flapjacks, johnnycakes, or pancakes that  a proper fluffy birthday cake sort of a treat. They’re based on a recipe from 1786 for “Indian Slapjack”, from the book, “American Cookery”,

Colonial Farm Kitchen

Colonial Thanksgiving

“Thanksgiving we eat and drink of ye best.” Dated Nov. 24, 1748 from William Haywood’s journal, Charlestown, NH   Without gushing too much, I have a lot to be thankful for this year, but on a daily basis, I’m surprised and delighted by waking up



So, when I asked on Facebook and Twitter what you all suggested for real-world foods that would be at home in Castle Black, a number of you suggested Pemmican. I’d never heard of it, but when I looked it up, I knew you’d nailed it.

mini marzipan

Mini Marzipan Cakes, from the show

Thoughts: When I saw these little morsels in a “making of” video from season 4, I just knew I had to make them. I got in touch with Karyn Booth, the home economist from the set, and she revealed that they were made of ground

Steak and Kidney Pie

Steak and Kidney Pie

“Winterfell…When last I was inside those walls, your cook served us a steak and kidney pie. Made with ale, I think, best I ever tasted. What was his name, that cook?” “Gage,” Jeyne said at once. “He was a good cook. He would make lemoncakes

Strawberry Lemonsweet

Strawberry Lemonsweet

Season three is proving to be much more ripe with food than any other season. Here’s another one from the HBO show: See that pitcher on the bottom right? The one with what could only be lemonsweet with strawberries in it? That’s the special at


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