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Sweet and Savory Sops, from The Inn at the Crossroads

Sweet and Savory Sops

A few months ago, in my quest to find more campfire-capable recipes for my repertoire, I flipped through one of my favorite medieval cookery books, The Opera of Bartolomeo Scappi. I don’t even have the words right now to tell you how much I love

Colonial Farm Kitchen

Colonial Thanksgiving

“Thanksgiving we eat and drink of ye best.” Dated Nov. 24, 1748 from William Haywood’s journal, Charlestown, NH   Without gushing too much, I have a lot to be thankful for this year, but on a daily basis, I’m surprised and delighted by waking up



So, when I asked on Facebook and Twitter what you all suggested for real-world foods that would be at home in Castle Black, a number of you suggested Pemmican. I’d never heard of it, but when I looked it up, I knew you’d nailed it.

fried squash

Fried Squash

If you have a garden, and like me, thought back in the spring that a single little squash plant would be a great thing to plant, then you are also probably finding yourself swamped with more of the little things than you can cook. I’m

Elderflower Fritters

Elderflower Fritters

Thoughts: Elderflowers are one of those fantastic yet often overlooked ingredient. They are far less popular in America than in Britain, where they the flowers are used culinarily and to make cordials, while the berries are incorporated into a wild array of recipes. The fritters

Stuffed Mushrooms

Reader-created – Stuffed Mushrooms

Thoughts: A while back I asked followers on Facebook to take a look at the compilation of food words from the Song of Ice and Fire series, and construct their own plausible Westerosi dish. Everyone then voted on their favorites, and there were two clear

Elk Meatballs stuffed with Blue Cheese

Elk Meatballs stuffed with Blue Cheese

“Roundels of elk stuffed with ripe blue cheese were being brought out when one of Lord Rowan’s knights stabbed a Dornishman. The gold cloaks dragged them both away, one to a cell to rot and the other to get sewn up by Maester Ballabar.” –A Storm

Braised Apples

Braised Apples with Cheese

“The last course was goat cheese served with baked apples. The scent of cinnamon filled the hall as Osney Kettleblack slipped in to kneel once more between them.” – A Clash of Kings   Thoughts: This dish comes via reader Vinz, who suggested this recipe

Oaten Stuffing

Oaten Stuffing

Thoughts: This recipe is a wonderful stuffing that is equally good out of a bird as in it. The oats provide a lovely texture that is at times both crunchy and soft, while the seasonings and stock deepen the flavor. The currants round out the

Modern Boiled Beans

Boiled Beans

“‘You want eat?’ Mord asked, glowering. He had a plate of boiled beans in one thick, stub-fingered hand. Tyrion Lannister was starved, but he refused to let this brute see him cringe. ‘A leg of lamb would be pleasant,’ he said, from the heap of


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