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So, when I asked on Facebook and Twitter what you all suggested for real-world foods that would be at home in Castle Black, a number of you suggested Pemmican. I’d never heard of it, but when I looked it up, I knew you’d nailed it.

Stuffed Mushrooms

Reader-created – Stuffed Mushrooms

Thoughts: A while back I asked followers on Facebook to take a look at the compilation of food words from the Song of Ice and Fire series, and construct their own plausible Westerosi dish. Everyone then voted on their favorites, and there were two clear

Hotpie's wolf bread

Hotpie’s Wolf Bread, take two

Thoughts: Alright. You remember last season, when Hotpie made this lumpy bread in the shape (ummm… sorta?) of a direwolf for Arya? That was a super cute moment that has now been topped by it’s own epilogue, in the form of a much prettier direwolf

Oaten Stuffing

Oaten Stuffing

Thoughts: This recipe is a wonderful stuffing that is equally good out of a bird as in it. The oats provide a lovely texture that is at times both crunchy and soft, while the seasonings and stock deepen the flavor. The currants round out the

Greywater Watch Froggy Stew

Greywater Watch Frog Stew

“They used Meera’s helm for a cooking pot, chopping up the catch into little cubes and tossing in some water and some wild onions Hodor had found to make a froggy stew. It wasn’t as good as deer, but it wasn’t bad either…” -A Storm

Steak and Kidney Pie

Steak and Kidney Pie

“Winterfell…When last I was inside those walls, your cook served us a steak and kidney pie. Made with ale, I think, best I ever tasted. What was his name, that cook?” “Gage,” Jeyne said at once. “He was a good cook. He would make lemoncakes

Hot Pie's Wolf Bread

Hot Pie’s Direwolf Scones

Again, Hot Pie brings us another tasty recipe from the HBO series! In season three, he bakes and gives to Arya a small loaf of bread that looks like a direwolf: Well, sort of. But as soon as I saw this episode, I knew I

Vintage Brown Oatbread recipe

Brown Oatbread

“Maester Luwin sent Poxy Tym down to the kitchens, and they dined in the solar on cheese, capons, and brown oatbread. While tearing apart a bird with fat fingers, Lord Wyman made polite inquiry after Lady Hornwood, who was a cousin of his.” -A Game

Teff Grains for porridge recipe

Teff Porridge with honey and dates

“Beneath them, the plain stretched out immense and empty, a vast flat expanse that reached to the distant horizon and beyond. It was a sea, Dany thought. Past here, there were not hills, no mountains, no trees nor cities nor roads, only the endless grasses, the tall

Strawberry Ginger Mint Sekanjabin


 This is a great historic Persian treat, that is, in a way, like medieval gatorade. The base recipe is sugar and vinegar, but the possibilities for added flavors and ingredients are as limitless as your imagination. I’ve included both a basic, traditional recipe, and one of


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