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Dried heather for brewing

April Brewing Update

Another fun month of brews! The house is starting to warm up, which means that the yeasts are more self sufficient, and need less coddling from me to keep them active and happy. Phew! I had a surprise from my Imitation Port recipe mid-month. I

Dried Elderberry Cordial

March Brewing Update

Another busy month in the wine cellar of the Inn! The brews struggled with the chilly temperatures of the late winter, made worse by a lack of insulation on the floor, and cheap windows. I tried a variety of solutions, ranging from electric heating pads

Spent Grain Stew

February Brewing Update

This was a fun month over at the brewhaus. I got Game of Brews up and running smoothly, and have ironed out most of the problems with the forums. With the actual brews, I’m trying to strike a good balance between meads (which take a

Game of Thrones brewing

Brewing Update

So after a good deal of deliberation, and a lot of input from you all (thanks!), I’ve come to a decision about how to deal with the brewing recipes on the blog. As of this week, I’ll be moving the actual recipes over to

Spent Grain Bread

Bread with Spent Grains

Spent Grain Bread Thoughts: I played around a bit and came up with this great, simple recipe for bread with spent grain. As with most recipes, it’s a starting point. Feel free to innovate and add other seeds, grains, flours, oats, sugars, etc. to make

Wildling Cider featured

Wildling Cider

“Before Mance, Varamyr Sixskins had been a lord of sorts. He lived alone in a hall of moss and mud and hewn logs that had once been Haggon’s, attended by his beasts. A dozen villages did him homage in bread and salt and cider, offering

Plum Wine, Featured

Plum Wine

 “The queen took a flagon of sweet plum wine from a passing serving girl and filled Sansa’s cup. ‘Drink,’ she commanded coldly. ‘Perhaps it will give you the courage to deal with truth for a change.’” –A Clash of Kings Plum Wine Thoughts: Usually I

Brewing Projects from April


Having mostly settled into the new apartment, I’m ready to get back to brewing! As with many such projects, it’s a lot more fun in a group. I’ve got a long list of various brews I’m planning to try sooner or later, and these are

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The Great Ginger Beer Adventure

Since I’m just crazy about making my own ginger beer after trying the basic recipe I posted a few weeks ago, I’ve got a scheme. It goes like this: I make some ginger beer. YOU all make some ginger beer. Then we add a bunch


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