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Highgarden Apple Roses

Highgarden Apple Roses

Thoughts: The people have spoken, and the winner of my recent Twitter poll for the next recipe’s region was overwhelmingly Highgarden. I guess we are all in the mood for some green growing things and flowers after winter, huh? :) These stunning little show-stopping desserts

Roasted Quince

Roasted Quince

Thoughts: When I recently posted on Facebook about finally snagging some quinces at the grocery store, a number of you chimed in with suggestions, ideas, and thoughts about how best to enjoy these quirky fruits. But one simple description stuck with me: baked with heavy

Acorn Cakes, from Inn at the Crossroads

Acorn Cakes

Thoughts: Now, don’t get too excited by the term “cake”, because these are much more like flapjacks, johnnycakes, or pancakes that  a proper fluffy birthday cake sort of a treat. They’re based on a recipe from 1786 for “Indian Slapjack”, from the book, “American Cookery”,

baked currant doughnuts

Baked Currant Doughnuts

 Thoughts: This recipe is based on one from Clear Flour Bakery, near which I used to live. It makes amazing doughnuts, albeit ones that are still a little inferior to those from the bakery itself. You could get me to wake up at any hour

Honeycake with Blackberries

Honeycake with Blackberries

  “In the Queen’s Ballroom they broke their fast on honeycakes baked with blackberries and nuts, gammon steaks, bacon, fingerfish crisped in breadcrumbs, autumn pears, and a Dornish dish of onions, cheese, and chopped eggs cooked up with fiery peppers.” -A Storm of Swords Thoughts:

Steak and Kidney Pie

Steak and Kidney Pie

“Winterfell…When last I was inside those walls, your cook served us a steak and kidney pie. Made with ale, I think, best I ever tasted. What was his name, that cook?” “Gage,” Jeyne said at once. “He was a good cook. He would make lemoncakes

Hot Pie's Wolf Bread

Hot Pie’s Direwolf Scones

Again, Hot Pie brings us another tasty recipe from the HBO series! In season three, he bakes and gives to Arya a small loaf of bread that looks like a direwolf: Well, sort of. But as soon as I saw this episode, I knew I

Teff Grains for porridge recipe

Teff Porridge with honey and dates

“Beneath them, the plain stretched out immense and empty, a vast flat expanse that reached to the distant horizon and beyond. It was a sea, Dany thought. Past here, there were not hills, no mountains, no trees nor cities nor roads, only the endless grasses, the tall

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The Great Ginger Beer Adventure

Since I’m just crazy about making my own ginger beer after trying the basic recipe I posted a few weeks ago, I’ve got a scheme. It goes like this: I make some ginger beer. YOU all make some ginger beer. Then we add a bunch

Breakfast in Braavos, fried sardines, from Game of Thrones

Breakfast in Braavos

“She broke her fast on sardines, fried crisp in pepper oil and served so hot they burned her fingers. She mopped up the leftover oil with a chunk of bread torn off the end of Umma’s morning loaf and washed it all down with a


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