Who We Are

 Chelsea, aka “Needs Mead”

Is an artist.  She loves historical fiction, summer, honey, and kitchen unitaskers. She also maintains and updates all the online facets of The Inn. Her smart little Manx cat is the official taste tester for all the food on the blog.

Favorite terrible movie: Cutthroat Island

Biggest geek cred: Met Stan Lee at Comicon (Double-whammy! Whammed!)

Favorite GoT character:  Jaime Lannister

Fave Game: alone? Assassin’s Creed & X-Com.  As a team? Splinter Cell or the old Xbox Heroes. Also: Cyvasse. :)

Favorite dish so far: Spiced Plum Mousse, Boar in Mead Reduction, and Arya’s Tarts.

Personal Blog: www.FoodThroughthePages.com

 Sariann, aka “Chopped Ginger”

Is, above all, a ginger. She loves Manchester United beyond all reason, horses, lacrosse, and community.  She is a raging Anglophile, but swears she has it under control…

Favorite terrible movie: Top Gun

Biggest geek cred: Wrote a letter to author Tamora Pierce and received a reply.

Favorite GoT character: The Knight of Flowers

Favorite game: FIFA 11. She’s not obsessed, just passionate.

Favorite dish so far:  Banbury cakes

Personal Blog: www.ChoppedGinger.com

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17 thoughts on “Who We Are”

  1. James Spalding says:

    Very classy website ladies! I am impressed!

  2. Omer Pshititski says:

    GRRM was totally right, Ladies, you two are really crazily wonderful. This site is brilliant!

  3. esachan says:

    You are amazing! Great job!

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  6. Pearse says:

    Just heard you two on the Podcast of Ice & Fire. This site is awesome! I live in Boston so if you ever need somebody with a huge appetite to destroy the evidence of a failed meal, I’m your man.

    1. Kathleen M. Gillespie says:

      Ooh, ooh, me too! Also in the Boston area, also very willing to be a food taster!

  7. Laura Tomsheck says:

    This is amazing! My husband and I have been cooking food inspired by this series for years, it’s great to see some new recipes. Kudos!

    1. Needs Mead says:

      Very cool! What are some of your personal favorites?

  8. Rachel says:

    Just found your blog today and it just made my whole week! Love the books, am dying in the purgatory of waiting for the next one, and am so impressed with your idea and execution.

  9. Kat says:

    I just stumbled upon this website searching for a recipe for scotch eggs. The fact that I found one AND the website is GoT inspired is an amazing find and has brightened my day. I am now a loyal follower.


  10. Brigitte says:

    Impressive .. by chance stumbled here.. awesome, this is so inspirational and cannot wait for the cookbook!!! I too am a a honey cultivator and use honey in EVERYTHING!!! I am a daily loyal follower now..

  11. Ericka says:

    So, seems like you ladies are in the UK? Having a medieval themed Thanksgiving this year and going to some of these amazing dishes, including the creme swans! Awesome!

    1. Needs Mead says:

      We’re actually based in Boston, but because we are both big Anglophiles, are always delighted to be so misplaced. :) A few of these recipes will also be making it to our Thanksgiving Day tables for sure. Let us know what your finished menu looks like!

  12. Karen from Globetrotter Diaries says:

    Wow so happy I stumbled across you both– your blog is brilliant!!!! LOVE Game of Thrones… o and food too :) Looking forward to your posts…

  13. Lenn says:

    Just want to say that your food blog is really interesting. Keep up the good work!

  14. Ben says:

    I just bought your cookbook for my girlfriend (possibly not the wisest move when I’m trying to lose weight, but what the hey), since we’ve both followed your blog for the longest time. We both really love what you’re doing here. Thank you for bringing all that mouthwatering food out of the pages of ASOIAF.

    p.s. I’m also fanatically United.

  15. Eric says:

    Hope you continue blogging frequently, your posts are excellent! I especially like your sense of presentation.

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