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Named for a location in George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, this blog started as a place to showcase all the foods in that fantastic series of books, and has begun to grow into something more. Whether you are a fan of the books, the HBO show, the Middle Ages, or just love good food, there is a little something here for everyone. New fictional and historical recipes are still being posted, so visit often!

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Gooseberry Hops

I first saw this idea over on Ivan Day’s site, Historic Food, and knew that I had to try it at some point. But that was actually several years ago, when I didn’t even know where to buy gooseberries in New England, let alone expect

Highgarden Apple Roses

Highgarden Apple Roses

Thoughts: The people have spoken, and the winner of my recent Twitter poll for the next recipe’s region was overwhelmingly Highgarden. I guess we are all in the mood for some green growing things and flowers after winter, huh? :) These stunning little show-stopping desserts

Artichoke Pie 1570

Artichoke Pie with Cheese and Herbs, 1570

Thoughts: Whenever I feel like I’ve lost some direction when it comes to historical cooking, I like to sit down with some of my favorite old cookbooks and flip through until something inspires me. In this case, it was a pie from the 1570s Italian

Roasted Quince

Roasted Quince

Thoughts: When I recently posted on Facebook about finally snagging some quinces at the grocery store, a number of you chimed in with suggestions, ideas, and thoughts about how best to enjoy these quirky fruits. But one simple description stuck with me: baked with heavy

Margaery Tyrell's Ideal Meal

Margaery Tyrell’s Ideal Meal

Highgarden strikes me as a likely one of the best regions in Westeros in which to dine. Seriously. So when Margaery won the last round of voting for character themed meals, I was more than a little excited. You all were apparently inspired as well, since


Character Themed Meals: Margaery Tyrell

When I polled our Facebook followers a few months back about which character they would most like to have a character themed meal for, the winner was resoundingly our lovely young queen Margaery. This should be a delightfully tasty meal to create. The weather is

Gooey Apple Cinnamon Rolls - no rising necessary!

Gooey Apple Rolls with Caramel Sauce

Thoughts: Every now and again, I get recipe suggestions from readers, and when they’re good, I like to share them, too. My notes from over a year ago say that this one comes from FB reader Karyn,  And it is definitely a winner.  Dear readers, this

Sept at King's Landing

Theoretical Foods: Feasts of the Seven

  Now that we’ve seen a bit of the High Sparrow in season 5, it got me thinking about the Faith of the Seven, especially in King’s Landing. In our own Middle Ages, the calendar was rife with feast days, saint’s days, and all manner of


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