Cards Against the Realm

At this year’s premiere party, thanks to the suggestion of my friend Alix, our guests and I collaborated to create a Westeros-themed version of the hit game Cards Against Humanity. One of the coolest things about the original is that it is under a creative commons license, which means that the creators encourage sharing, playing, and adapting the game, so long as no profit is made.

Which is completely awesome, because it enabled us to play several uproarious rounds of our own version. When I mentioned this game on my premiere party blogpost, a number of you expressed hope that I would create a playable deck. I’ve finally gotten to it, and many of the cards are as funny as I remembered. Because it was a new game, we had on hand a bunch of blank cards, and everyone could write in their suggestions as we played, so the deck grew organically. I suggest you do the same, and once you have a good number of new card ideas, you can use this generator to make them.

In case you haven’t played before, here are the rules to the game. Basically, one player flips over a black card, on which is printed a sentence with at least one blank. All the other players choose the funniest card in their hands, and the winner gets a point. For example,

“In his next book, GRRM will spend 500 pages devoted to describing ______”

  • the truth about Jon and Sam
  • lemoncakes
  • her weight in sapphires
  • etc.

So there it is, in a nutshell. If you manage to fill in another whole page of these ideas, send me the pdf so I can combine it with those already here. Let’s build the greatest set of cards the North has ever seen!

*warning: some cards are vulgar- not for the timid and faint of heart!*



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  1. Thapphierth
    Melisandre’s Peter Pan shadow baby
    The leech from Gendry’s nether regions
    Nipples on a breastplate
    The bitter tears of SanSan shippers
    Natalie Dormer’s cleavage
    RLJ truthers
    Jojen paste
    What remains of Pycelle’s magnificent beard
    Ser Pounce
    Sour Dornish red
    Gender-bending Dornishmen
    Frey pies

  2. Good idea for a white card: “Playing The Rains of Castamere as your first dance at your wedding”.

  3. These are great! Any chance of getting this list in plain text, to print the cards full size? Also would add a white card: the god of tits and wine

  4. Black card ideas: “All ___ must die, but we are not ____.” “What do we say to the god of death? Not_______.” “A lady does not_____” “I am the god of _____ and _____” “Its not easy being _____ all the time, if it was then everyone would do it.” “I don’t want to be a _______,I want to be THE _______.” “For the night is _____ and full of _____.”

  5. White cards:
    My floppy ears
    Queen Selyse’s mustache
    Full of turnips
    Hot Weasel Soup
    A hundred spankings and five slaps

    Black card “With my belly full of wine and a maiden’s mouth around my__________,

  6. House rule: If you draw “You raped her, you murdered her, you killed her children,” you have to read it with Oberyn’s accent!