My Helpful Sous Chef

Behind every great cook, is often a great cat. My kitchen is no exception.

Percival, aka The Bean, was born a gourmand. He’s valiantly tasted nearly every dish that has been made and posted to the blog. His favorites so far seem to be the game meats, the bigger the better. Typical cat.

His top pick seemed to be boar, although I have a hunch that goose will be a hit as well.

You can pretty much guarantee that whenever you see a picture of some tasty, tasty food, Bean is just a few inches to one side or the other. :)

13 thoughts on “My Helpful Sous Chef”

  1. heartofoshun says:

    Ha! How does he feel about mead?

    1. Needs Mead says:

      He’s wholeheartedly opposed to alcohol, thank goodness. He’s underfoot enough without being tipsy! ;)

  2. ecochic87 says:

    This is adorable. Mine does the same. She has to inspect everything that comes out of my kitchen, and will sit and supervise the whole process, by the cookbook, to make sure I do not miss a step or ingredient. Cats really hold us to task, don’t they?

    1. Needs Mead says:

      So true! I sometimes pull up a chair so he can sit and watch what I’m doing. He’s a little food obsessed. :)

  3. R says:

    I love Bean pawing at the egg shells.

    My hamster actually gets really excited when I cook. She always climbs the bars all the way to the top in the corner closest to the kitchen, trying to get a whiff. Unfortunately very little of what I cook is hamster-safe, so she has to be content with the occasional noodle or raw veggie.

  4. Eternal Pessimist says:

    I used to have two dogs and two birds and trying to cook anything in the kitchen with the four of them roaming around was impossible.

    Love those pics! Although, it is just me or does he not seem very happy with the whole tweed jacket thing? ;)

  5. Paschendale says:

    Hehe! I have a similar food hog cat among my crew…Rufus the Red. He likes all food but HIS favorites seem to be shrimp and chicken liver. His brother-in-arms, Rudy, is a mayonnaise junkie…will eat it straight off the knife if you let him.

  6. Kristen Browning-Blas says:

    Love this! I remember when I interviewed you we talked about our similar-looking cats. I would post a picture of Mini here but that’s not an option, plus it would look just like your pix. Have a good Thanksgiving!

  7. AshLeigh says:

    He looks quite like my own Abbey, though she’s not so keen on the kitchen scene herself. Our elder cat Pepper is the one who is my kitchen helper. He sits at my feet, and when he wants to see something he’ll stand up and pat my thigh with his paw. He never partakes though, he just wants to smell.

  8. bellatrixs says:

    Wow. This is my favorite post here so far! Your Bean is so precious!

  9. A-man says:

    Lovely cats!

  10. PatW says:

    I make and sell doll clothes, and have to own up to the fact that every piece of fabric in my house has been sat on by one of both of my cats. They leave people foods alone, however!

  11. Loni Leona Ice says:

    Reverse Percival’s colors and you have my cat, China. She’s so named because she camouflages perfectly in my china cabinets and amongst my kitchen appliances. She once scared the heck out of my by meowing right next to my Kitchen Aid mixer, and for a moment I didn’t see her because she matched it so well! And yes, she’s a kitchen cat. (“Mom? Whatcha doing Mom? Izzat tasties? Can I have. . no . just bring it. . MOM. . thank you. Purrrrrrr,” as she licks my now scratched wrist from where she tried to grab.)

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