A Westerosi All Hallows

Because our lives are have been centered around Westerosi cuisine for over a year, it seems only natural that we infuse a bit of that flavor onto our holidays. And now, with the autumn harvest coming in, leaves turning to fire on the hillsides, and Halloween approaching, how could we resist a few suggestions for your own festive gatherings?

Just wait for our Thanksgiving and Christmas posts! ;)


  Spiced Squash    –    Pumpkin Soup*

Grape Pie    –    17th C. Pumpkin Pie    –    Baked Apples*


Tea Eggs (deviled)   –    Blood Pies    –    Tears of Lys


Sugar Skulls   –    Fondant Hearts   –    Weirwood Cake

Spiced Locusts    –    Mock Dormice    –    Rats on a Stick

To Drink

Wassail   –    Mulled Wine 

NB: The * indicates recipes that are in the cookbook. I’ve included them on the list so those of you with the book can consider making those dishes, too! The dishes in italics are forthcoming.

9 thoughts on “A Westerosi All Hallows”

  1. Josh says:

    I think the “Sugar Skulls filled with plummy-cherry custard” would be perfect. (DwD)

    1. Needs Mead says:

      Agreed! I’ve got the skull part sorted, but am still fighting with the custard. It has to be smallish, and relatively free-standing, so it doesn’t dissolve the sugar of the skull…

      1. harbqll says:

        If you have the sugar skull idea worked out, can you give us a head’s-up on that? The idea may make it’s way into a baronial feast…

  2. Selkie says:

    Dishes with pears are good in the fall too, and pie fo venison or game birds would not go amiss (there’s a reason they get hunted, at least in New England, in the fall…..)

  3. farmerstravel says:

    I’m seriously excited about the sugar skulls, too. We throw a massive hallowseen party each year, and I’d love to make some of these treats for that!

  4. - says:

    I keep checking back to see if you’ve figured out a sugar skulls recipe. Good luck!

    1. Needs Mead says:

      I think the key is to abandon the free standing custard idea, and put it in a mini bowl instead. Stay tuned. ;)

  5. Tally says:

    So many fantastic ideas! I love what you’ve put together here. We’re not having a full-on Westerosi party (though I love the idea), but I think I’ll definitely try to incorporate some of these into our own more generic Halloween shindig this year. Thanks for the post!

  6. harbqll says:

    This year, I’m making an edible autopsy as my centerpiece. I’ll send pics on FB.

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