Party Invitations

Here’s what we’re using for our party invites. If you’ve already sent out invites, the template would work as a beautiful menu. For full and in-depth instructions, check out the GoT party planning guide.

Step 1: download this image, and paste it into a Word file.


Step 2: Find a fancy medieval font you like on a site like

Step 3: Create a text box on top of the image, then write in the text of your invite.

Step 4: Save as a PDF, then print out as many copies as you need. Try printing on paper that looks like vellum, or on tea-stained printer paper.

Step 5: Add any embellishments you like, such as wax seals, burned edges, etc. The trick to burning edges is to tear them first; in this way, you can better control the burn pattern. We sent our invites out in fancy envelopes, embossed with a special pen, rubber stamp, and gold powder.




7 thoughts on “Party Invitations”

  1. Vadigor says:

    Looks like I found the artist you commissioned this piece from. :]

    I would advise you though that if you intend to release this publicly, you should make a higher resolution image available for download. The current resolution wouldn’t do the details justice.

    Really cool idea anyway.

    1. Needs Mead says:

      Good call! I thought I had the settings correct, but it’s now fixed. :)

  2. Chef Kittie says:

    Thanks for sharing this image! I predict it will see a great deal of (non-commercial) use in this house. I have you on my blogroll and love your work — I made your recipe for Honeyed Chicken the night we finally got to watch Game Of Thrones and it was a huge hit. If I can find the pictures, I plan on blogging it, and I’ll let you know!

  3. ducky says:

    Beautiful! Thanks you!!

  4. Keiristy says:

    Where did u find the wax seal of a dish with silverware?

    1. Needs Mead says:

      It was a Christmas gift, but I believe this is it, too:

  5. fluffywarthog1029 says:

    Next year’s S3 premiere party is now being announced by the throwing of a fake plastic raven against someone’s front door with a rolled-up invitation attached to it’s leg.

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