Hello all!

Just wanted to let you know that we are going on a brief hiatus for the next week or so. We will be on a camping trip in western PA. In Slippery Rock. With 12,000 of our friends. Yes, you know what we mean.  :)

Expect many more delicious posts, recipes, and photos after we get back, sometime around the 14th.

In the meantime, we’ll see some of you on the ‘ghetti!

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10 Responses to Brief Hiatus

  1. Jennifer says:

    Have fun, but DO try not to raise any demons that look like Ryan Kwanten’s ex-girlfriend, okay? ;-)

  2. laruse says:

    Well, that confirmed what I had been assuming. :-) Would love to stop in and say hello at Pennsic. Safe travels!

  3. McSherrie says:

    We’ll miss you, but enjoy Penzac!

  4. SoulEating says:

    Omgah! Have fun at Pennsic and stay cool! My brother said it’s been fiendishly hot! Seek out Tarzan/Nearly Naked Boy/John/Greystoke for a good, professional massage in Vlad’s encampment and tell him Claudia sent you ;)

    @laruse – I was totally wondering too ;)

  5. Paula Murray says:

    go Pennsic!

  6. Elena Amici says:

    what i’m going to write will look incredibly gross, but… are you going to write any “pork” pie recipes sooner or later? lol

  7. Selkie says:

    Have a great time, and please bring back some good War Stories!

  8. harbqll says:

    I should have known you two were Scadian. Hope you had fun at the War! Any chance you’ll be at Gulf War in March?

  9. Rahere fitz Ranulf says:

    Why am I not surprised? I’ve been reading this blog (backwards, having just found it today) and every single recipe has lead me to think, “Hmm. I could do that for our Baron’s next feast!” Or, “Hmm. Perfect eventing food, that.” Now I find out why….

    Oh, and you should know that all of this is entirely new to me; indeed, I went out on a hunt for medieval recipes on the theory that, as someone entirely new to cooking, I should try for something period, as I always seem more willing to stick with period things until I get them right, and cooking isn’t something I want to give up on after my (inevitable) first failure….

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