A Meal at the Inn

“Ser Rodrik tried to tug at whiskers that were not there, but before he could frame a rebuke the serving boy came scurrying up.  He laid trenchers of bread before them and filled them with chunks of browned meat off a skewer, dripping with hot juice.  Another skewer held tiny onions, fire peppers, and fat mushrooms.  Ser Rodrik set to lustily as the lad ran back to fetch them beer.” -A Game of Thrones

Meal at the Inn

Our Thoughts:

Take some tasty vegetables, award winning meat, and cook them both over a hot fire.  Can you really go wrong there?  The meat was perfectly tender, and the veggies came out wonderful.  The peppers were perhaps a little too hot for our taste, but added a lot aesthetically.  The mushrooms were delicious as is, while the cooked onions could be popped out of their crispy outer skin.

Our only change? Try cooking the meat under a broiler, with the bread well below to catch the drippings.  YUM.

How to Make it

What you’ll need:

  • skewers for the meat
  • your choice of cubed meat (we used lamb)
  • small onions, either boiler or mini red onions
  • bella mushrooms
  • peppers (we used cherry bombs)
  • flatish loaves of bread, one for every 2 guests
Begin by slicing your bread through the middle so that you are left with two flat half-loaves.
Thread your meat and veggies onto skewers.  We seasoned our lamb with a bit of salt, pepper, and savory, but feel free to use whatever herbs and seasonings you like best.
We cooked our skewers over an open fire, but putting them under a broiler will also work well.  Cook until the meat is just pink in the middle, and the veggies are tender.  Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “A Meal at the Inn”

  1. duckchick says:

    Now this sounds simple, yet amazing!! And now is the perfect time for a bit of outdoor grilling!

  2. gabigutz says:

    I’m drooling something fierce. I just want to share all your recipes with everyone I know! (I’m going to do that now!)

  3. fluffywarthog1029 says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a cherry bomb pepper before. But if it only ranks about 5k on the Scoville, then I’d probably not call it fiery. I lived in TX for a few years, and my taste buds have adapted to eating serrano peppers every couple of days and using copious amounts of dried chiles in everything. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many hot peppers that are big enough for skewering.

    I’d probably try quartering a sweet red pepper but slather it in a paste with guajillos or New Mexico peppers.

    1. jfauser says:

      I used habanero for a little extra bite. Awesome recipe though, I made it for my Game of Thrones Season 2 Premier Party

  4. myfaireldy says:

    This is going to be a show stopper at the next family barbecue.

  5. mady says:

    I did it on the broiler. Perfect! The meat drippings drip was genius.

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